Taylor Swift’s Spotify Playlist May Have Clues to Her New Album


Taylor Swift fans are currently obsessing over her UPS commercial which may have been hidden with a new song. Taylor Swift released a playlist on Spotify last week titled ‘Songs Taylor Loves’. Her playlist features 4 hours and 29 minutes and 70 songs including but not limited to a diverse group of famous artists, new artists, and music from her BFFs.
As a fan, I love getting her secret notes in her music. I love deciphering her lyrics to all the different alternate meanings she writes. While the playlist in and of itself is an amazing playlist to listen to, it is also flooded with notes in the order of songs as well as the song titles themselves and her friends featured. The playlist is as intimate as her music. We know Taylor never creates or shares without purpose. Especially now that Taylor is no longer speaking to the press. Every thing she does now is for her fans. I am here for it and ready for it but the question is are you?
Let’s start with the first song on the list: “Crowded Places” by Banks. This soft ballad begins with a lyric of ‘being scared of crowded places’ basically, a nod to Taylor staying out of the spotlight for the past year. After this week those lyrics seem to sting twice as hard for everyone.

The second song on the list is ‘Dark Side of the Gym’ by The National. This choice makes me laugh because it reminds me about all the paparazzi photos of Taylor leaving the gym during the 1989 era. People made fun of her for looking so put together after the gym. She’s a pop star she has got places to be after the gym. Haters gonna hate.
Then we have ‘Bad Reputation’ by Shawn Mendes a friend and fellow tour partner an obvious gesture to her new album coming out November 10th, Reputation.
Jack Antonoff, her producing partner and friend band, Bleachers, makes it onto the playlist with ‘Let’s get Married’…hmm…out off all of Jack’s great songs she picked this one titled ‘Let’s get Married’ maybe it’s in reference to her new beau.

‘I move so Swift they call me Taylor’ is one of my favorite lyrics from the playlist which in itself is obvious why it landed on it. This lyric is from ‘Favor’ by Vindata, Skrillex, NSTASIA.

I love love love ‘Boys’ by Charlie xcx. Charlie sings ‘I was busy thinking about boys’ which makes me feel empowered. Yes, girl embrace thinking about boys! It’s empowering for Tay too because everyone makes fun of her music for being about ‘boys’ but that is a whole other case study article for another time.
She has a lot of love songs on the playlist, but especially songs with the word ‘love’ in the title. Including but not limited to ‘Love’ by Lana del Rey. I didn’t know she was a Lana fan who also always has incredible lyrics like Taylor. More love titled songs include: ‘Love Me Better’ by James Blunt, ‘LOVE. FEAT. ZACARI’ by Kendrick Lamar and Zacari (Tay has been a Kendrick fan for years even having him featured on Bad Blood remix). ‘Love in a Bar’ by Ryan Hurd, ‘We Don’t Deserve Love’ by Arcade Fire where they sing ‘maybe we don’t deserve love’ and ending on ‘maybe you don’t deserve love’, and lastly, ‘Like I Loved You’ by Brett Young.

I’m obsessed with Khalid right now. He made the playlist with ‘Shot Down’. He sings about being ‘shot down by love’. Interesting he will be opening for Lorde on her European tour too. Lorde didn’t make it onto the playlist which makes me so sad and surprised. I don’t even want to discuss it.

I’m really excited for all the future sexual lyrics on Reputation. Here’s some sexy songs on her play list. ‘Too Bad’ by Danny Padilla who wants it so bad but too bad. He sings bad so beautifully. ‘Sugar’ by Maren Morris, ‘Plot Twist’ by Marc E. Bassy & KYLE, ‘Sexual’ by NEIKED & Dyo which is a tantalizingly hot song. Last, ‘Atlas: Body’ by Sleeping At Last.
She has one song called ‘80’s Films’ by Jon Bellion which I’m glad she showed to me because I’m seriously obsessed with this one. She includes another song called ‘8(circle)’ by Bon Iver these are probably a nod to her being born in the 80’s and her fifth studio album 1989.

She also has songs which seems like actual notes to her ex-boyfriends. ‘For What It’s Worth’ by Liam Gallagher, ‘Miss you’ by Gabrielle Aplin, ‘We Don’t Deserve Love’ by Arcade Fire, ‘Plot twist’ by Marc E. Bassy & KYLE, ‘Too Much to Ask’ by Niall Horan (also Niall is a huge Swiftie he went to multiple concerts for RED and on crouches when he could barely walk once).

Tay includes a few songs related to places on the list. Starting with ‘Crowded Places’ by Banks, then ‘Boston’ by Dermot Kennedy (sidenote: any relation to THE Kennedy’s?), ‘Carin at the Liquor Store’ by The National, ‘Subway Car’ by Marc E. Bassy. (Marc pops up again on the playlist one of the few that has multiple appearances on the list. Another artist on the play list twice is Lana Del Rey.) ‘No One in Heaven’ by Joel Baker, ‘Is There Somewhere’ by Halsey Halsey is a Tay fan and she’s got some epic Swift covers on Youtube to check out. ‘Malibu’ by Miley Cyrus, now this one is interesting. Miley and Taylor seem to not like each other over the years shading each other but hopefully all that is in the past. Either way Malibu is light happy fun tune. It’s the final places-related song on the list.

Another pattern of the songs is the time of the days. Tay sings about midnight and 2am often in her lyrics. She put the two songs titled about midnight right next to each other. First, ‘Sometime Around Midnight’ by The Airborne Toxic Event and then after, ‘Blue Heaven Midnight Crush’ by Betty Who. Maybe Reputation has some ‘midnight’ lyrics. I can’t wait to find out in November. She also puts ‘Everyday’ by Ariana Grande & Future, ‘Tomorrow Never Came’ by Lana Del Rey and Sean Ono Lennon.
‘Clean’ by The Japanese House, duh, her 1989 final song was ‘clean’.
I’ve noticed lots of patterns on her playlist everything from the time of day, ‘love’ titled songs, songs about places, another pattern is songs about colors. She has a song called ‘Black’ by Dierks Bentley, ‘pink skies’ by LANY, ‘Redbone’ by Childish Gambino (sidenote: Tay is WOKE), ‘Code Blue’ by The-Dream, ‘Symmetry’ by the band titled Colouring…wonder if there will be a song about colors on reputation? Just call me a Taytective.

The second to last song is ‘Ready For You’ is by her girl friends, HAIM. Which sounds familiar to “…ready for it?” Maybe she’s talking about a man in her life who she is ready for but she’s most likely talking about us fans and her new album.
Every one of her albums ends with a song about new beginnings, feeling refreshed, change. i.e Red was ‘Begin Again’, 1989 was ‘Clean’. Even her Spotify playlist ends on a song called ‘Making All Things New’ by Aaron Espe who sings about how the morning makes all things new. She is making all things new in her own life and music.
I highly recommend listening to her playlist on Spotify to check out the other songs I didn’t include on this list. The playlist is especially nice for us fans that sit patiently waiting until November 10th.

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