10 Gilmore Girls Themed Etsy Finds

I fell down the rabbit hole of Etsy and I didn’t have to look very far for the cutest Gilmore Girl themed finds! I’m debating if I should be a total goober and buy a bunch of Gilmore Girls themed pins and put them on a jacket. That is probably too much, maybe I will just make it all tv themed pins. There are more options for that but for now Etsy has all the best Gilmore memorabilia.

Luke’s Diner Enamel Pin


I Love You, You Idiot Printil_570xN.910600948_f4rh.jpg

Babette Ate Oatmeal Stitch


Omnia Paratus Vintage Poster


Welcome to Stars Hollow Pallet


Reading is Sexy Shirt


Rory’s Birthday Card


Luke’s Diner Vintage Poster


Vicious Trollop Coffee Mugil_570xN.947666412_9jhw.jpg

Gilmore Girls Enamel Pin Setil_570xN.1016861414_onq1.jpg

There are so many more perfect Gilmore themed items on Etsy seriously check it out!

xo Syd




The Broad & Osteria Mama Date Days 

Chris and I are trying to be more consciencious about making time for each other to go on dates. We spend a lot of time together working together on different film projects, living together and working at our job. Making time is special to focus on our relationship is important. We were also celebrating 4 years together this August!  

So we went to The Broad museum in downtown LA we’ve been meaning to go to and finally did. We didn’t get to see the famous light room but we did get to see some pretty big furniture! 

img_0154For dinner we tried this Italian restaurant (my favorite) in Larchmont called Osteria Mama. It was a great dinner. I highly recommend it. Get a seat close to the window it is cozy.

xo Syd