10 Gilmore Girls Themed Etsy Finds

I fell down the rabbit hole of Etsy and I didn’t have to look very far for the cutest Gilmore Girl themed finds! I’m debating if I should be a total goober and buy a bunch of Gilmore Girls themed pins and put them on a jacket. That is probably too much, maybe I will just make it all tv themed pins. There are more options for that but for now Etsy has all the best Gilmore memorabilia.

Luke’s Diner Enamel Pin


I Love You, You Idiot Printil_570xN.910600948_f4rh.jpg

Babette Ate Oatmeal Stitch


Omnia Paratus Vintage Poster


Welcome to Stars Hollow Pallet


Reading is Sexy Shirt


Rory’s Birthday Card


Luke’s Diner Vintage Poster


Vicious Trollop Coffee Mugil_570xN.947666412_9jhw.jpg

Gilmore Girls Enamel Pin Setil_570xN.1016861414_onq1.jpg

There are so many more perfect Gilmore themed items on Etsy seriously check it out!

xo Syd




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