The Upside Down Breakfast – Stranger Things


This may be the strangest thing (get it?) I’ve ever done but I did it for Stranger Things. I used Eggo waffles, chocolate pudding, and sprinkles to make little Stranger Things pies. This is really easy to make and takes no effort at all. It is a perfect junk food for a Stranger Things binge party!


All you have to do to make this is get some eggo waffles, chocolate pudding and rainbow sprinkles. I toasted the waffle and put chocolate pudding on top with rainbow sprinkles. You can also put it in the freezer to cool the pudding a little more before munching.

Me at the grocery store:


Stranger things is getting renewed for a second season coming out in 2017! I love Stranger Things and I am so excited for the renewal. Especially because it will all be taking place in Autumn. A whole episode titled Pumpkin Patch? I’m already hooked.


Check out the new Netflix teaser trailer:


Can I also point out how excited I am for Winona Ryder back on the screen? (Side note: Must watch Mermaids if you have never seen it! Cher, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci. Need I say more?) Ryder is incredible in Stranger Things. Ryder’s performance is heartbreaking and triumphant. She captures the pain of a mother who has lost her child and turns it into a project full of adventure sacrificing her own sanity and public perception in the process. She is dead set on finding her son even if she doesn’t understand how, which makes her even more riveting to watch.


Everything about this show is top notch. The story, the actors, the setting, the direction, the cinematography by Tim Ives. When I saw Tim Ives was the Director of Photography for Stranger Things I knew it was going to be great. Tim Ives is also the Director of Photography of GIRLS.




Add season 2 to your Netflix queue it’s going to be a fun ride. Stay tuned for more movie and television themed food on Creative Culture!

xo Syd



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