Filmmaking Update

Filming Update

I wanted to make a mental update as to where I was at in my life as far as making movies goes. As well as a virtual update in case people were wondering what I’m doing with my life right now.

Lots of things “in development”. That is film code for: I’m working on it but haven’t shot it yet… That’s okay because this is the longest phase of filmmaking and I am just happy to be working. Not getting paid yet, but that’s okay too. I’m focused on making an amazing demo reel right now.

One big thing I am doing is working on directing 15 minute segment of a whole feature film that will be finished next year. I’m taking a class from now until next year working with a bunch of talented people to create something incredible. I don’t know how much else I’m allowed to say but if you’re my Facebook friend you know what I’m talking about. This is causing me to focus on making films and is really inspiring me. I’m so excited! It has motivated me to work on my short films right now.

I’m writing a comedic web series. Not sure if anything will come from it. I’m writing it all out and we’ll see if it works for the Internet and our budget.

Chris and I are shooting test scenes during the days before work. That way we both practice and because we are craving to make things.

I wrote a short film I’m really excited and now just working to see how I can make it and get my cast and crew together for it. And in the process of writing another I will probably be able to shoot this year. I’ve got ideas & plans brewing! :)

Any plans or deadlines for the rest of the year you are trying to make?

xo Syd


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