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The Life Changing

This book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up really changed me for the better. Which is saying a lot for a book like a self help book. Although, it’s not a self help book. It’s a book about tidying! Marie Kondo writes about how she has spent her whole life learning how to stay tidy.

I saw my Mom reading this book at the bookstore and I had been recommended the book before so I bought it for Mom’s birthday and gave it to her. Then I read the whole thing! It was perfect read for this time in my life as I moved across the country it made it easier to let go of the things I don’t need.

It is a quick and beautiful read I was entertained the whole time and didn’t even expect to be because I thought it would be another book yelling at me to get rid of my stuff. Marie teaches that it is about letting go of the things (yes, actual things) that are holding us back in life. Her method is bent on the question “Does it spark joy?” If the answer is no, then let it go. She talks about surrounding yourself with only the very things that spark joy to you. Which is really the whole point of material things isn’t it? To bring us joy. But sometimes we get comfortable and feel afraid to let go that these ‘things’ halt us from reaching our fullest potential. We are overwhelmed with unnecessary stuff we do not need that crowds our lives. AND prevents us from appreciating the most joyful ‘things’ we have in our lives.

What I loved most about her book is that she says it’s okay to let go. To thank whatever the object it is for its job it has done for you and let it go. She also helped me realize the importance of how if you only have everything you absolutely need then it is easier to take better care of the things you have because you love them the most.

Any good book recommendations?

xo Syd

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