I live in California now 

Life is so crazy right now. I just moved to California this week! Across the country…out to the west coast…in another time zone. 

This week has been a record breaking heat in California too. It was 103 degrees my first day here with no AC I was melting to say the least. The heat wasn’t easy to deal with on top of the overwhelming realization I’ve moved very far from my home. But I’m an adventurer and this adventure is very exciting! So I got over it and we went out and bought really powerful fans to help me cool down. I will never forget the first day I moved to California and it was 103 degrees outside. 

For a native Floridian you’d think I’d be able to handle the heat well but I guess I was just spoiled with AC! 

This picture above is from the 103 day and it did rain but it wasn’t until the late afternoon. 


Three bags is the most I’ve ever brought on a plane. My parents are proud. I think three bags to move across the country is a good start. Can I say I’m an expert packer yet?

Xo Syd  


One thought on “I live in California now 

  1. labyrinth365 says:

    I liked reading this–I got a sense of that newcomer feeling I always get when I move..its exciting and lonely at the same time. I have all confidence that you will find wonderful friends and have many experiences that will serve you well for your whole life..all the best on this one. xo


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