One Way Ticket to Los Angeles

Mostly all my close friends and family know now that I’m moving to Los Angeles this year. Some don’t and some wanna know the details so here it goes. I’m moving to Los Angeles!

I live in Orlando at the moment but I will be moving to LA September 8th. It has already been crazy trying to get situated before moving across the country. There are some details I’m still not even aware of like where exactly I’m going to live, what job I’m going to have, or even if I will still have the same car!

It is most definitely going to be an even crazier adventure and I’m ready for it. I’m not doing it alone which is really a God send I’m not. Chris is moving from Long Beach, CA to Los Angeles with me.

We are ready to struggle a little bit to get into the film industry. We know it won’t be easy but we are going to work extremely hard to make it happen. The job search is in full swing guys, full swing.


Good luck to anyone else moving this year it’s stressful but it will all be worth it I’m certain. :)



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