Favorite Creative Culture Posts

It’s that ‘back to school’ time of the year only this time I’m not going back to school. How crazy is that? Well, I’m still in the back to school mindset reflecting on the school year behind me and the future in front of me and the future of creative culture. I would like to take this time to reflect on all the amazing posts we have had on Creative Culture. To celebrate over 100 posts on Creative Culture I wanted to share my favorite twenty posts. In no particular order, here they are:


  1. Why We Don’t Post Our Films Online  This one gained a lot of buzz when I first wrote and I am so glad I did so I could get my thoughts out on why we weren’t posting our films online. It seems crazy to everyone else but since writing that article I felt like I could clear some things up for my family and friends. Oh, and now they are online click on the “Films” page and you can check them out.   


2. Date Night Ideas on a Budget

I really loved this idea. Especially because Chris and I are always, always trying to save money (so we can make movies). But we are also human and love to go on dates so we find ways to make the dates memorable and fun without destroying our wallets.



3. New Orleans Travel Guide

I had been CRAVING to go to New Orleans so bad and we finally did it. We absolutely loved it. Chris wanted/wants to move there, no seriously he does and I’m down to go too but we are going to spend a little time in LA first.


4. Sister Woods

This was so fun to photograph my momma and aunt Michele. They were troopers even though it was December the mosquitoes were really biting. But we got some nice photos out of it so not all bad!

PumpkinCarvingPartyIMG_2418IMG_2466IMG_24765. Pumpkin Carving Party

I have started a new tradition every year I am going to have a Pumpkin Carving Party. It was so fun! I’m crazy about Halloween as you may know. It was great to do something fun the day before with friends to celebrate.

London, My Stomach is Calling.jpg

6. London, My Stomach is Calling

Everyone hates on the English and their food calling it ‘bland’ but I thought it was absolutely delicious! Especially, an English Breakfast yum!


7. A Statement of Purpose

I get a little personal in this article. I loved how the photos turned out (better than expected) I think they are really funny and actually capture my personality.


8. Staying Stylish While Traveling: A Day in Philly

I posted this one this month. I was really comfortable in that outfit and wanted to share it with the world. Hopefully I have some more Staying Stylish While Traveling posts coming up ;)


9. Berlin Foodie

Ah, Berlin was so nice the food was different and delicious. I just wish I wasn’t sick that whole time ;(


10. Labor Day Fun

We had an awesome weekend when mom came to visit me in Boca.


11. Bimini Mini-Vacation

I loved all the pictures we took here and we had such a lovely time in Bimini I can’t believe it was only a year ago it feels like ages!


12. Grand Rapids, Michigan Travel Guide

Probably the longest most detailed Travel Guide ever on Michigan. I get sentimental because it’s where my family lives and where my Dad grew up. I love it.

IMG_6343 copyHometown GirlIMG_6291 copy

13. Hometown Girl

My friend Heather is such a beautiful person. I’m so glad I got to share a look into her life on this blog.


14. B&W Photo Feature

Nothing like a good Black and White photo. Maybe I’ll bring this series back?


15. The Woman in Red

My aunt Michele is so photogenic isn’t she? I have learned so many amazing things from my Aunt Michele (who is also my godmother). I’m very thankful to have her in my life. Seriously, read more about her in this post.


16. #screurotrip Part One: London

We are adventurers.


17. Summer Sister

My cousin Lindsey is near and dear to my heart I love her so much and you can see it in these photos.

Italy Cuisineedit6ItalyDrinks6

18. Food in Italy

Food and Italy…does those two words not sell you enough to click on the link already?


19. #sceeurotrip Part Two: Rome, Italy

This was so fun and Jen and Paul are getting married next year! I can’t wait.


20. 21st Birthday Festivities

There was hype about my 21st birthday I think it lived up!

It’s hard to pick my favorites. It has all been an amazing time and I am thankful for the wonderful people included in these articles. I hope to bring many more amazing articles in the year to come.

xo Syd


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