What I’m Watching Now: Paradise, Liars, and a few Detectives 

Ah, I love t.v! There is such good television lately. Seriously, television is having its own renaissance right now. Thanks to Netflix and HBO Go we can watch literally endless amounts of it. This is troubling to my productivity level but hey, I’m loving it.

It is that weird part of the summer time before people go back to school and yet summer isn’t quite over yet there are some really good shows on right now some ending, some just beginning so I thought I’d share what I’m watching weekly.


Okay, so what am I watching right now? Sunday (and Monday) nights my mom and I have been watching Bachelor in Paradise Season 2. It’s a great summer reality show to watch and veg out. It is actually really funny, obviously ridiculous, dramatic, crazy and includes a lot of characters I enjoyed from other seasons. I only watched Desiree’s Bachelorette season, Chris Seoules Bachelor season, and Kaitlyn’s Bachelorette season and all the crazy characters from those seasons are on it. It’s super juicy and really teaches me about the dating world on national television. I must say I am pretty lucky and happy not to be a part of all that. But, I am happy to watch ;)!


If you are not into reality shows, usually I am not interested but lately I have gotten hooked on The Bachelor franchise it’s just so juicy. Anyways, if you’re into the serious dark fictional psychological shows then True Detective is my other Sunday night vice. Although, I admittedly have no idea what is going on in the show it’s still so cinematic, quotable and the actors are phenomenal. I can’t stop watching. Frank (Vince Vaughn) is my favorite. I keep waiting for him to do something super gangster like to make me hate him like cheat on his beautiful wife but he doesn’t so I still like him and them. If you feel a little lost in True Detective here is a really helpful article on everything that is going on. I haven’t finished reading it because it does give spoilers and I’m still on episode six but I will be all caught up soon.


My other favorite year round show I am watching now is Pretty Little Liars. People ask me why I still watch this show because we will never find out who ‘A’ really is blah, blah, blah, and I tell them because I love it. I love the drama, the clothes, and the girl group friendship dynamic. I also love all the Hitchcock references they don’t go unnoticed from this film school graduate (me). Pretty Little Liars is on Tuesdays at 8 on Abcfamily. This week we find out who ‘A’ is, no I am serious we do. I believe them I do. By the time anyone will read this we will all know who ‘A’ really is, seriously.

Next up on my list of shows to watch that I have kinda already started are: Key and Peele’s new season, Orange is the New Black season 3, Quantico (premieres September 28 on ABC and I kinda know someone in it), The Brink, I’m going to try Kevin From Work, and New Girl (on netflix I’m still in season 1). I can’t wait for October though when most of my shows pick up again.

Anything I’m missing that I need to start watching?

xo Syd

(P.S Shoutout to The Daily Show for ending. I’m sad, so I haven’t watched the last episode yet.)


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