Date Night on a Budget part 2 

Hey all! I wanted to give another date night ideas on a budget post. Last time we talked about the importance of finding a good happy hour for date night. This week it’s all about movies. Chris and I are obviously big movie buffs with our careers so focused on movies and television we still enjoy going to the movies as much as the next person if not more.

The movie theaters are getting more and more expensive every day it seems with it being at least $12.00 a ticket on the weekend. That is why planning ahead is even more important for a movie night out. Every week there are discount days ($6.00 in Orlando on discount days) at all the best movie theaters but they usually are on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday days versus the weekend so if you have a night off as a couple it’s nice to go to the movies.

Date Night Ideas On a Budget 2

I always feel like going to the movies is a special event but honestly going during the week feels even more special. Even though I am no longer in school it feels like I’m doing something fun on a school night and I love that. Also, if you can’t make the discount days there are always matinees which are cheaper and way less crowded and more intimate.

We also worked at an independent movie theater for four years so we saved money by going to the theater we worked at as a fun but inexpensive thing to do. What can I say, we are big movie fans!

xo Syd


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