Staying Stylish While Traveling: A Day in Philly

PhiladelphiaOutfit1Picking out what to wear while going on a trip is a treat, but it also can be a really daunting task. Especially if you don’t know what you will be doing every day of the trip. When you know you will be hiking on Friday and going to a fancy dinner on Saturday night you know you need some hiking boots and heels. However, if you don’t know what will be happening with no definite plans for your trip it is difficult to pack right.

It’s always better to go into a trip with some plans even if you plan on relaxing on the beach a whole day. That way you know you will need a bathing suit for that day and you can pack accordingly. If you have no plans at all when going on a trip you end up packing things that you “think you might need if the opportunity arises” when you could be saving that suitcase space for things you will actually need.


I always love getting new clothes before going on a trip. It is exciting wearing a new dress in a new city it feels good and fresh. This isn’t always realistic though because it gets expensive to buy new clothes every time you go on a trip. One thing I do is pick out an outfit, that I already own and have worn, a few weeks in advance before going on a trip and save it for a day while on vacation and I don’t wear it until then. It still feels special and new even if I have already worn it before in my daily life.

We recently had a family vacation in Pennsylvania celebrating my Grandfather’s birthday. I knew we would be in a farmhouse out in the country during this trip but I also knew we would have about two days in Philadelphia to explore so I wanted to pack accordingly.


Any time traveling in the summer is really hot especially in July the weather is brutal. It was hot in Philadelphia that day we went but it was also beautiful and not as bad heat wise as it could have been. I knew I wanted to wear something light but still flattering. When I was at the mall the day before I noticed a sale buy one item get three free at Pacsun. Pacsun always has the right clothes to wear for hot weather so I got this bathing suit cover up. The material was really soft and light just what I needed. I wore shorts underneath because there were slits going up and down the legs. It was comfortable and cool because I didn’t need to wear a tank top underneath it fit well enough shaping me but not clinging to my body in the heat. I did not need a cardigan because we were mostly outside exploring Philadelphia in the city and any time we were inside the AC wasn’t blasting like it does in Florida.


Even though I wore the outfit differently then what it was intended it was still an effective choice in the heat of the city.

I knew we were going to be walking around that day so I wore my white converse which were really comfortable. I don’t usually wear sandals when I know I will spend all day walking around a new city and I don’t advise it. When we went to New Orleans I wore ankle boots while walking around the city with socks so my feet were comfortable. After making the mistake to wear sandals on the first day walking down those cobble stone streets my feet were bleeding so I did not wear them again during that trip. Lesson learned!

What works for you when traveling? Any outfits that are musts?


What I’m wearing: Cover up//Pacsun, Denim Shorts//American Eagle Outfitters, Bag//Target, Sunnies//Francesca’s, Earrings//Nordstrom Rack.

xo Syd



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