Grand Rapids, Michigan Travel Guide

Michigan has always been a place I’ve visited since I was little because half my family lives there.  My cousin Lindsey and my sister Claudia and I always have such fun adventures in Michigan together with our family. Unfortunately, Claudia couldn’t it make it for this trip but nevertheless I had a blast with my cousin Lindsey and all her awesome friends. I had to write a post on how amazing Michigan is in the summer time. You don’t hear much about but Michigan ever really but when you’re there you’re thinking ‘this place is amazing!’ It’s the Midwest’s best kept secret. Maybe that applies to all the Midwest, I need some more time to explore the midwest!

The weather is so beautiful in the summer, it’s inexpensive to live, there’s plenty of lakes to enjoy, people are always friendly, and now there’s more stuff to do especially in downtown Grand Rapids.

This is really an overall travel guide for Michigan but Grand Rapids particularly because I’ve spent the most time in Grand Rapids.

 The summer time is absolutely lovely in Michigan. I know the winters are intense and I haven’t been in the winter since I was little enough to build snowmen but I know the summer weather is incredible. It’s the kind of place where you can spend all summer outside which is crazy to me as a native Floridian summer time is the time when you don’t go outside. The humidity is just too heavy this time of year that we stay inside our AC. Michigan thrives in the summer time! One big plus is the lakes are cool enough not to worry about amoeba (like we do in the south) or ya know, Alligators.

I love Michigan the most because I get to spend precious time with my family and it is always a treat. I feel like a local even though I am not because I get to be with my family. It is really special…okay enough sappiness! What are you going to do in Michigan?

MichiganTravelSeries MichiganTravelSeries1 MichiganTravelSeries3 MichiganTravelSeries4

Fun things to do in Michigan usually are to go to Grand Haven on Lake Michigan. It is such a beautiful beach to lounge on and you can walk along the dock. The dock is really beautiful with people fishing off of it and sailboats passing by into the harbor. DO NOT JUMP OFF THE DOCK. I must shamefully admit I have done so but it was one of those ‘one time’ rebellious things I did. Even my cousin and her friends didn’t do it because they knew it was a bad idea. Many people die every single year from jumping off the dock. Right before entering the dock there is a giant tombstone that reads the dock is dedicated to the people that have lost their lives off the dock and the numbers are still growing. I know it’s silly but the dock is really just to walk along and observe NOT TO JUMP OFF.


Grand Haven is really beautiful to go and stay awhile. If your family is looking to rent a vacation house for the summer I highly recommend a house in Grand Haven. It’s such a nice town with lots of things to do. There are plenty of summer restaurants, bookstores, museums, concert halls and all around livelihood in Grand Haven during the summer. My family rented a house in Grand Haven during the summer and we still talk about that time we did we had such a blast as kids.


MichiganTravelSeries10We had a delicious breakfast/brunch at this place called Morning Star Cafe in Grand Haven. Unfortunately, my sister Claudia couldn’t come along with me on this trip to Michigan and usually we always have her to continue our Michigan traditions and one of them is going to Grand Haven. This year we  decided to start a new tradition of going to this delicious cafe every time we go to Grand Haven. So now at least we have something to look forward to taking Claudia to next time she visits.


Downtown Grand Rapids is looking amazing. Lindsey and I spent a little one day trip into downtown and it was popping! It is really nice place to roam around and take pictures. There are plenty of vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants and hip cafes we went to which didn’t exist five years ago in Grand Rapids or when my Dad, Aunt and Uncles were going to school in Grand Rapids.

We went to this cute cafe called Lyon Street Cafe that Danny and Lindsey loved and were telling me about they knew I would love it too. They had many different flavored coffee drinks with a nice atmosphere. Two things I love in a cafe.



We had a nice girls’ night out with Lindsey and her best friend Alissa who I also love. It was so fun talking to Alissa and Lindsey I loved going out with them. Just wish Claudia was there, but legally she wouldn’t be allowed to anyways ;) so next time we will have to go out with Claudia too (when she’s legal of course).



We went to these two bars one was Hop Cat which was more like a brewery with small bites and the other Stella’s was a more whiskey-focused bar with arcade games and t.v’s playing old nickelodeon shows. They were both really great wish we could’ve had some more nights out together exploring downtown! I am happy with the places we went to though it was a blast. I definitely want to go back and bar hop with Chris too.


Another favorite restaurant I highly recommend if you are in the area is The Corner bar we love the corner bar it is one of our family traditions. The Corner Bar is famously known for it’s hot dogs and how many you can eat of them! If you can eat 12 in one sitting they put your name on the wall. My uncle Brian and my brother in law Doug’s name and my cousin Brendan’s names on the wall and it is always fun to see their names when we come into the bar. If you want to try to eat the hot dogs in one sitting like them here’s a hint: don’t eat chips or anything else with them and don’t drink water, also ask that they all be brought out in one sitting (they will pretty much be brought one after another anyways).



Honestly the best part about going to Michigan is spending time with my wonderful family. I am so lucky to have such a strong support system. As far as travel goes Michigan is seriously a great place to be in the summer. :) Thank you Linds and family for taking such good care of me every time I visit.


Places NOT to go: This place called Freshii in downtown Grand Rapids didn’t have the best food and completely forgot about our order so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Other than that there are plenty of delicious foodie restaurants all around Grand Rapids and things to do in Michigan.

Hope that this inspires a visit to Michigan it is a really beautiful state to adventure to a great summer vacation spot in the U.S!

xo Syd


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