Summer Sister


Meet my beautiful cousin Lindsey. She’s more like my sister than cousin whether its the summer or not but we get to see each other in the summer so the summer is an extra special time. Not only is she an amazing family member and friend she was crowned all american soccer player in 2014. She was granted a soccer scholarship to attend Grace Bible College in her home of Grand Rapids, Michigan. See here her amazingness.

Here is a quote from her coach at Grace Bible about Lindsey as an athlete from the article above. “She works really hard. She has such a high work level. She’s almost always been in perfect position in terms of angles of shots coming at her. She doesn’t make mistakes. She has excellent hands and doesn’t give up a lot of rebounds.” Scott Teesdale her coach at Grace.


We’ve spent a week every summer together and it’s something I look forward to all year long. We use to swim all day in our grandmother’s pool with my sister Claudia and our cousin Brendan (Lindsey’s brother). We use to build forts in the woods and play teacher in the basement. She once told me the sandman would pass by in a truck every night right before you fall asleep and put sand in your eyes to keep your eyes shut, I believed her for sure.

1. What’s your favorite restaurant? 

“Lacarus it’s this little Sicilian restaurant in Grand Rapids. Since I’m a fan of Italian food there’s personal pizza there and the pasta, that you know is fresh.”


2. What was the best movie you saw in theaters recently? 

“I’d have to say Minions. I think I like more comedies than action and I feel like that was more of a comedy. I like how it’s a kid movie but there’s adult humor in it. (Yeah, there was a lot of death in that movie!) That poor dinosaur.”

3. Did you always want to be a goalie in soccer?

“Nope, not one bit. I always saw myself as a forward because I’m quick. My high school team needed a keeper and my friend told me to do it and it turned out really well. I was better than I thought I would be so my coach told me to and it went from there. Now I’m playing at a D2 NCCAA college in Michigan.”


4. What was it like when you were told you got the All American?

“Shocker! I’ve never received anything like that before, I mean I did work my a- off, you can put *butt* in there. I mean I did work my butt off. They handed it out at the regional game because they have the whole season to compare you to the other players. Me, and two other girls on my team got it. Me and three other girls got the All Regional which is kind of like All American within the region.”

5. Did anything special happen because you got it?

“We got our names posted in the All American hall fame and a certificate.”


6. What is your favorite meal? 

I have a lot of favorite meals. I would have to say a nice cooked steak with a baked potato and some vegetables. Nice summer meal especially in Michigan. With maybe a glass of white wine by my side.


7. What is the best meal you’ve ever made? 

“Oh, Peanut Butter and Jelly…no just kidding. This breakfast I made these scrambled eggs with mushrooms, red peppers, spinach and cheese. Then I toasted this tortilla shell put it as an egg burrito it was so good with some hot sauce. It was explosively good.”


8. What’s your fashion staple item you’re always wearing right now? 

“I’m so all over the place. One day I’m wearing soccer shorts and shirt and the next day I’m wearing my rompers and then shorts and a tank. It depends on the day. (How about a casual day with no soccer?) I would wear my white distressed jean shorts with a flowy tank.”

9. Where is your favorite place to shop?

“I would say Adidas but I’m going to go with Gordman’s because you can get inexpensive things at Gordman’s that are Adidas. Gordman’s is a T.J Maxx and Marshall’s on steroids not even kidding.”


10. Where would you live if you didn’t live in Michigan and why?

“What state has all seasons except winter? I wanna live somewhere where it’s warm in the day and cool at night. Fall is my favorite seasons so I wouldn’t want to leave Michigan and go somewhere without fall. I love the changing color of the leaves. But then again I do love Michigan Christmas wouldn’t be the same without winter. I could see myself staying in Michigan though if only the winter wasn’t so long and brutal. It’s November to March, January and February are the worst I think. It’s just such a long season that people can only take so much of.”

11. What do you do for fun in the winter?

“Snowboard. I also like to in the winter we go to this cute coffee shop downtown get coffee or hot cocoa and study and do homework.”


11. Where do you want to travel to?

“Ireland. I just really like St. Patrick’s day and I’m Irish. All the castles and the beautiful agriculture (like all the sheep?) yeah, I heard they have good beer and food too.”


12. What do you want to do when you graduate college?

“Graduate Grace with my bachelors in Occupational Therapy hopefully get right into a clinic. I wanna help veterans with rehabilitation through physical therapy then later on open my own clinic.”


Senior Portrait (kidding)

13. Last question, who is your favorite cousin?

“NO! Um, hmm…I’d have to say Mia because she can’t talk yet I’m just kidding. My favorite cousin?  Barley (our Aunt and Uncle’s dog), Barley the dog. (It’s a solid answer.)”


Thanks Lindsey! You’re amazing, I love you!

xo Syd



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