Hometown Girl

Hometown Girl

I am so happy to bring this feature back to the blog! Last time I posted a “Creative Culture” feature was in December. Here of my Aunt Michele The Woman in Red . Now, I am excited to welcome my friend Heather today to the blog.

Heather and I have been friends since high school. Wow, it’s strange to think that was awhile ago now. Heather is well rounded, smart, fun, and obviously beautiful to boot. Heather is now an ASL interpreter living in Orlando. She owns a beautiful horse named Tuscan on her family’s property in Orlando. She has a wonderful dog named Brody with a big personality that she rescued while volunteering in high school. She loves to read and is also an amazing writer as well. If she’s not taking care of her amazing animals, or interpreting for the deaf community, she is just being an all around great friend.  Also, Heather introduced me to The Vampire Diaries, so I will forever be in her debt.

Hometown Girl2

1. What is the best meal you ever ate?

“Hmm…I love food in gereral, and honestly right now I’ve got chili’s fajitas on the brain but if I had to pick the BEST meal it would probably be a really good steak with some mashed potatoes and artichokes. I usually make sure to suggest it whenever my birthday comes around!”

2. Favorite T.V show right now?

“Right now I’m watching orange is the new black and it’s awesome! I just started the new season and homegirl Poussey is still my favorite. Fingers crossed I still like her at the end of the season!”

3. Who is your style icon?

“Definitely Emma Stone. She always looks so cute and trendy but comfy at the see time. She’s winning on all fronts. Plus she’s hilarious which only makes her style that much better!”

Hometown Girl3

4. What are your go to fashion staples?

“I wouldn’t really consider myself a fashion expert. All I know is during the winter I’m all about leggings and big comfy sweaters, and in the summer it’s mostly flowy tanks and tees. It’s too hot to be fashionable..like way too hot.” (Definitely, agree with you 100% there. It’s H O T!)

5. What was the last good movie you saw in the movie theaters?

“Probably Tomorrowland. I’ve seen movies since then but I really enjoyed Tomorrowland. I’m not even a huge Disney fanatic but it made me feel all wide eyed and full of wonder again so kudos to them! Plus the movie never felt long. I hate when you’re just sitting there waiting for a movie to wrap up.”

Hometown Girl4

6. What is it like to raise a horse? What advice would you give to people looking to getting a horse?

“If anyone is looking to own a horse I would probably have them ask themselves a few things: am I okay with flies? Am I okay with poop? Do I mind sweating? Living a life that includes horses is great and I won’t trade it for anything but it’s definitely not for everyone and certainly not as glamorous as they sometimes make it in movies and books.”

Hometown Girl4

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“Hopefully 5 years from now I’ll be a certified interpreter. I can’t wait to get over that hump. I’d also hope that I’ve found someone I want to settle down with. Maybe we’ll be buying a house by then or something, who knows!”

8. What do you love most about interpreting? What is your ultimate goal in your career?

“Interpreting is great! I think one of the best things about it other than working so closely with the Deaf community and meeting new people all the time is being a forever student. I love that there is no cap or limit for your skills and creativity with the language. The ultimate goal right now is to become certified, after that we will just have to see!”

Hometown Girl5

9. What’s your favorite snack?

“I love fruit. I think it’s a great snack because it’s easy and doesn’t make me feel guilty after I’ve eaten it!”

Hometown Girl6 Hometown Girl7

10. If you could get on a plane to anywhere right now where would you go?

“Take me to London! I’ve been planning my imaginary trip for a while. I have to see everything related to The Beatles, naturally. Like John Lennon’s peace memorial, the magical mystery tour, and their childhood homes. Plus I love the BBC show Sherlock so I would want to go to 221B Baker Street. Oh and I can’t leave out Harry Potter! Got to see the museum and everything they have there too. I can’t wait to go, it’s going to be amazing trip.”

Hometown Girl8

Thank you Heather! It’s always a good time with you. :)

xo Syd


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