Comfy Cool Summer Outfits

Comfy Cool Summer Outfits1


As a native Floridian it is important for me to stay cool…physically and mentally. I think that finding an outfit to wear that really dresses for the weather AND your mood is not an easy task. That really goes for anywhere though not just Florida. In the summer months in Florida this is like our winter (I know how ridiculous that must sound) but these are our ‘hard’ months…I know that sounds ridiculous too. Basically, it’s HOT outside.

Comfy Cool Summer Outfits 2

That is why in the summer I stick to these flowy shorts. I got a few from Forever 21 that I interchange. I know I don’t look taller but these high waisted flowy shorts make me feel longer haha. And tank tops are a must in the summer time. In Florida especially in the summer all the restaurants, shops, and stores the AC is blasting cool air so you go from drenched in sweat to shaking in cool air it’s best to bring a jacket. I usually always have a cardigan with me no matter where I go. Except in this photo but because I knew I would be outside for a long while in the heat.

Comfy Cool Summer Outfits 3Comfy Cool Summer Outfits 4Comfy Cool Summer Outfits 5


Everything I am wearing is from Forever 21 gotta get those nice cheap deals! Except my sandals from Nordstrom Rack which were awesome to wear in New Orleans to keep my feet nice and comfy.

Comfy Cool Summer Outfits 6Comfy Cool Summer Outfits7

This shoot was really about my friend Heather (blog post to follow) but she snapped some good pictures of me too. We both were trying to get comfortable with our cameras and shooting people outside with natural light. It was fun and we got Jeremiah’s afterword together so ice cream in the summer time is always a plus. ;)

Comfy Cool Summer Outfits8Comfy Cool Summer Outfits9Comfy Cool Summer Outfits10

What are your go to outfits for staying cool in the summer? Also, had to because this is my theme song right now.


Stay cool, guys.




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