Date Night ideas on a Budget

        Chris and I are always hanging out. We are best buds AND boyfriend/girlfriend so we have the same groups of friends, great families we love to spend time with, and same filming schedules. With lives so intertwined it’s difficult to differentiate hanging out time and date night time. Especially when our budgets are teenie tiny! 

Sometimes we feel guilty going out if we can’t afford it! But with the right mindset and the modest date it’s not hard to have a good time and not go over budget or splurge on date night. 

Here’s one of our cheap date secrets: Happy Hour! It’s really no secret that happy hour is a good and affordable date. With some investigating the best date night deals are within happy hour. It really is a happy hour hehe when everyone gets off of work and the night is just beginning! There’s so many unique little bites on the happy hour menu too. Like in this picture below during that happy hour we had duck wrapped jalepeno poppers 😍! 

    Another happy hour below we took a stroll around Mizner and looked at shops after a sushi happy hour date. :)  

Happy hour is nice because you can have a couple drinks, some food, sit down and talk while it’s still light out and enjoy the going out environment at a decent hour and still afford it! Then you can go home, cuddle and turn on some Netflix in bed before 2am. Wow, don’t I sound like an adult? ;) 

Xo Syd 


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