Fun, Engaging, Group Activities To Do on the Weekend


Chris and I are big board game fans. We love when the opportunity arises to play games with our family or friends. It’s one of our favorite things to do and it’s a fun weekend activity that requires everyone to be engaged. It’s a nice break from staring at our smartphones or going out on the town. So I decided to compile a little list of other fun, engaging activities we do that is not going out on the town and blowing up our bank accounts. When I say engaging I mean activities that require attention and for everyone to be involved and not looking down at the phone. 

Here’s a few more ideas of fun things to do with your family or friends this weekend! 

1. Paint! Painting with a twist is really fun group activity to do. For some places it’s all inclusive. Like $35.00 to paint but as you paint you get shots of wine. This is also another activity that requires one to not be on a smartphone. Or if you buy a few paints and canvas you can paint for an even more affordable price at home.  

2. Wine and Cheese Night. My roommate from last year Janel and I loved a glass of red wine and an assortment of cheese. Tell each of your friends to bring something important to the party like one (okay maybe two ;)) a bottle of wine, type of cheese, bread, grapes, and more cheese of course. 

3. Go hiking or take a yoga class together. These are some of my two favorite exercises. If you are taking a class together like yoga it’s definitely not one of those things where you can be on your phone. And it’s exercise so makes it easier for that wine and cheese night you’ll have later!  


4. Have a theme party! Like my Pumpkin Carving Party I had in October. This is one of the more expensive choices of things to do on the weekend that are engaging. Usually theme parties require and extra few bucks to make them happen. Next time I’ll make mine more affordable but I couldn’t resist all the cute Halloween decorations and spooky drinks and treats. 

5. Game night of course! If you have a specific game like Saturday night will be Balderdash night or a poker night where everyone has to ante in it makes it more like a theme party. Sometimes it’s just fun to show up and decide what game you will be playing there. Stock up on some classic games like Monopoly, Balderdash, Phase 10, or Taboo. We have been loving Mille Borne and Loaded Party Questions lately as our favorite games. 

Photo By Christopher Swain

Hope this little list inspires someone of fun things to do with your friends! Sometimes we all get in funks of doing the same things over and over so it’s nice to spice up the weekend activities every once in awhile.

Xo Syd 


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