Best Restaurants in South Florida | Cafe La Buca 

You know those unexpected fun times that just seem to happen unannounced? That’s how I feel about this restaurant called Cafe La Buca in Pombano Beach, Florida.

My good friend Felipe wanted to take me out to say goodbye before I move ;(. He treated Chris and I to this amazing dinner!

 Cafe La Buca is located in this random strip mall in Pompano. It is definitely is a hole in the wall, maybe that’s too harsh but it’s more like a diamond in a rut. A diamond we found and it’s so bittersweet because now I won’t get to enjoy it because I am moving! If you are in South Florida and love Italian food you ABSOLUTELY have to go to this place.

Felipe first told me we could bring our own drinks. We could bring our own wine bottles! So we got two bottles, a Beringer red wine and a Red Diamond red wine for the table. How cool!

   It gets even cooler because when we got there Felipe told us there was no menu. Wow! Sounds kind of crazy, right? A place where you can bring your own drinks and no menu. They just ask if someone has any allergies they should know about. Then they start bringing appetizers. Then you can have the option of what kind of pastas you want. They bring two kinds ala carte style to try. Then they give you two choices of fish and/or meat after the pastas. We had zucchini wrapped with Quattro formagio and two different ways of eggplant baked into a lasagna and fried. Then we got the pesto pasta and a noodle pasta with mushrooms and truffle oil. We had a steamed fish with a salad and lamb chops. To finish it off I ordered a mini cannoli and cappuccino.


A real life Italian restaurant in South Florida! It rivaled the food we ate in Rome last year it was that good…and I’m Italian so I know! Five stars for this restaurant. I have definitely got to take my parents there and everyone else I know!

Xo Syd


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