How I Watched The Bachelorette Premiere with Last Season’s Bachelorettes

  I think that is the longest title I have ever written. I just wanted to brag about my super awesome/cool/fun experience I had last Monday! I got to watch the season premiere of The Bachelorette with The Bachelor Chris Soules’ Bachelorette’s. IT WAS SO FUN!


You know you’re in Florida when you wear sandals to a red carpet event haha! Okay, so how did this happen? Well, it was really simple. I follow the bachelorettes on Instagram and saw Becca posted a picture that said they were having a viewing party in Fort Lauderdale (not far from me). All I had to do was RSVP it was that simple. I was waiting for the catch but there really was none. So Chris, my roommate Janel, and our neighbor Mallory and I all got together for the event. 



 It was at the W hotel in Fort Lauderdale in the penthouse! It was an amazing and beautiful hotel. The ocean is the backyard. We were all really impressed. When we got there and finally found our way to the penthouse we got out of the hallway onto a mini red carpet. Then representatives from sugar love boutique who sponsored this event led us inside the hotel room. 



   The penthouse was beautiful and had a huge balcony. The room was filled with comfy cute couches that faced the screen. It was such a nicely decorated little theater. 


  We met Becca Tilley immediately she was so sweet and easy to talk to. Actually everyone was easy to talk to they didn’t act like celebrities or what I would think reality TV stars would act like they were just as happy as we were to be there. Which made it so fun because it was like getting invited to a fancy cocktail party. They were really open about everything that happened on the Bachelor. It was like a mini party with close friends. All the Bachelor Nation girls were so nice and friendly. It was nice to meet people with a common interest to have a good time. 



 Michelle Money hosted and she was an amazing host asked all the important questions we wanted to here during the commercials. We talked with Ashley I and Samantha who was really beautiful and sweet but didn’t get much screen time this past season. They were all really cool and it was such a fun event I will always remember it. Oh and all the women are single! Whaaa? Can’t believe that! Hopefully it means we will see them on Bachelor in Paradise. ;) 


 Thanks to the W hotel in Fort Lauderdale and Sugar love Boutique for making this happen! I had a blast. Hopefully for the finale we can get together again! 

Xo Syd 


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