So…I Graduated!


Hey all, I know I haven’t been around the blog sphere much lately. I took a mini break this semester so I could finish my degree strong. And guess what? I did! It’s been difficult to balance five classes, a part time job, make short films, and trying to create online content. So I needed a mini break before well, having a mental breakdown. Sometimes I think I can fit absolutely everything I want to do AND everything I need to do into a day but not superwoman yet! Now I am back and will continue to write blog posts for Creative Culture.

I am excited/nervous/scared/happy about graduating from Florida Atlantic and all the new adventures that await. I will be moving back to my home in Orlando for now. Bye Bye Boca ;( you will be missed. It has been a blast here in South Florida. I really love this crazy place.

When I move back home I will be able to save more money, and now that I don’t have to worry about homework I will have more spare time to write. I consider this one of the big steps I need to make in pursuit of my career. And I am so ready for this ride!
Xo Syd


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