Today’s the day Nina Dobrev leaves The Vampire Diaries. In all honesty, Elena was not my favorite character in The Vampire Diaries. But I still loved watching Nina Dobrev play her AND Katharine Pierce, Amara and any other doppelgänger that may have popped up that I forgot. I can’t deny my excitement when Elena became a Vampire and changed from that boring straight hair! But in my heart I know it’s never what Elena wanted. I will still miss watching her adventures every week 😭. Here are the ten things I will miss about Elena on The Vampire Diaries. 

10. That boring straight hair whenever she’s human. I don’t like it but I’ll still miss it! 

9. Her classic “ehhh” whine she does when a witch gets inside her brain. 

8. Her love for BOTH Salvatore brothers despite how crazy they make her. We feel ya, Elena. #brotherswap no? Too far…

7. She is always so concerned about everyone and hopes nobody has died…we’d be monsters if we couldn’t relate. Or maybe just Vamps? 

6. This one is more for Nina’s acting skills then for Elena (but Elena can let Nina have the spotlight). I love how she can be playing Katharine Pierce and it’s like she’s a completely different person playing her. 

5. Those Delena make out scenes. RIP Delena. 

4. Her nack for getting in the worst possible situations. 

3. Her jeans and ankle booties style. 

2. She always tries to make the worst situations a little more fun/better. 

1. Most of all in all her craziness going to miss her as a friend. Even in her Vampire years she was still always trying to be a good friend. We do love you Elena! 

She will be missed. I’m intrigued to see where the show will go from here. Hope it doesn’t fizzle out. Wish Nina good luck in that move to  LA! You can follow her on Instagram in her road trip. The hashtag is #Gypsy5onAride 

Do you think Elena will die? Will Damon take the cure? Can’t wait for tonight’s episode! What will you miss? 

Xo Syd 


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