#BigAReveal PLL Season Five Finale


What an episode! PLL rocks for sure. What are your thoughts on the Season five Finale of PLL? If you have not yet watched it shield your eyes because some spoilers are coming up! Seriously, we need to discuss it now. If you haven’t seen it GO WATCH IT NOW!

First, how about that one reveal of Mona alive? I thought immediately that this was Mona’s psycho twin pretending to be Alison but is really THE ULTIMATE A…but no, alas, I was wrong. Luckily Mona is in fact alive. We were worried. It was suspicious all that blood she was collecting for her death fake out.


Loved the boys on the mission to find out who A is and getting the Hastings involved. It finally feels like everyone is trying to figure out who A is now. Took you guys long enough, if only we put our heads together sooner guys. I am glad they know A is kicking and manipulating the girls. A is too busy in the dollhouse to worry about the liars parents catching on.


Okay so A is Charles DiLaurentis. What? Did anyone else notice anyone in the episode say: A is Charles Dilaurentis? Hmm didn’t think so and this is worrisome. I think we can all assume that is the ultimate A. We can also assume that he is Jason’s twin brother. Ahh, twin theory revealed! I guess we will learn more as we go along further how this all came to be that Charles is A. How did he get so much money? Did he kill his mom? Does A have OTHER enemies that would kill Mrs. D? We still haven’t figured out who killed her!

Why didn’t we get to see Charles’s face? Is it the same exact one as Jason’s?

That dollhouse is super creepy. It was awesome the liars concoction of shutting the electricity off. A+ in science ladies. A +

Can summer come soon enough? I don’t think it can.


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