Into the Woods Movie Review

December 2014 Creative Culture Movie Club

December 2014 Creative Culture Movie Club

Overall I enjoyed Into the Woods it was a good after Christmas but still in a Christmasy mood go to movie for me. I heard some mix reviews from my fellow movie goers as to what they thought about the movie.

If you love Disney and Disney movies or fairytales in general you should go see this movie! I am still mentally debating if I would recommend this movie to people with kids. Is that weird, it’s Disney for goodness sake?! However, there was some pretty heavy adult content in between the lines of this movie. I’m at that weird age when I don’t know what is appropriate or not for kids or even adults so it’s hard for me to tell if kids would catch onto the adult content I noticed. That being said it is rated accordingly and there is no sexual content, foul language, or violence to be worried about so make your decision based on those factors.

If you are not into sing-talking then you may not like this movie because the whole time they are sing-talking. I don’t mind I love it. I love musicals. I am one of those people who no longer notices subtitles in movies because it doesn’t bother me and that’s how I feel about musicals. It’s kind of awkward at first but then you get use to it and enjoy it as you go along. Especially when it’s a musical with Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt, and Anna Kendrick. All have fabulously beautiful voices it’s worth a listen and a watch.

Watching Into the Woods was like watching an extravagant musical in the theater except the theater is a beautifully decorated set of woods and the actors are all famous people.

Ok, before we get into the details of the discussion of this movie let me disclose by saying here comes the SPOILER ALERTS. So if you are still debating on seeing this movie stop debating go see it, come back and read on.


I guess I will start off in the beginning with the intro song about everyone going into the woods for the first time.

When you first heard the intro song did you know what was going to happen that their stories would all combine? 

I think it was pretty clear intro song that made it clear how they all needed to get something to get that was within the woods that they needed. Whether it be a metaphorical thing or emotional thing rather than a physical thing like trading the cow for money. It was poetic how early and soon their paths must cross in terms of the musical progression.

What did you think about the scene with little red riding hood and the wolf?

When I first went to IMDB to look at how the movie was doing I came across a segment that suggested the whole relationship between the two is about child molestation. I kept this in the back of my mind when I went to see the movie. I wanted to see if I did notice that or if someone was just being very precise in their symbolic studying. When I watched the movie it stuck out like a sore thumb that that’s what they were trying to imply.

Little red is charmed by the wolf and not by the baker because the baker is aggressive. But the wolf is a charmer manipulating the girl to come hither toward him. This is often what happens with pedophiles charming the victim with candy or flowers something sweet whereas the baker is just like ‘hey I need your hood’!

Little red in her song about the wolf sang that he made her feel excited and scared. She sang about how she knew more now than she did before the encounter. She later, in the movie, told Cinderella as they sung about how they are never alone about the encounter with the wolf. Little Red asks Cinderella if her (little red’s) mother would be ashamed of her? Of what she has done? That is another big sign in pedophile because the victims feel guilt and embarrassment as if it is their fault.

What about when Cinderella’s shoe scene?

I thought it was unique how she is debating to go with Prince Charming. She really can’t decide if she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her happily ever after with him. She kept running from him she clearly didn’t love him or want to love him. It was a different take on Cinderella especially when she says ‘it’s not what I had expected’.

Jack and the Bean Stalk

At first I didn’t realize the story Jack was a part of until duh, the witch gave the Baker’s couple the magic beans and then I was like ohh yeah. I completely forgot that he steals the harp cuts down the stalk. At this point so much happened and the whole happily ever after storyline turned on it’s head which I loved about this movie.

Meryl Streep as the Witch and Rapunzel

Her hair was fabulous. I loved that she was blue kind of a neutral in between color she wasn’t evil green. She was pure blue. I liked how just because she was a witch it didn’t mean she was all bad. She loved her faux daughter Rapunzel and just wanted her to love her mother forever. In the witch’s mind that meant keeping her trapped in the tower. I like how they didn’t keep the Prince blinded in this version of the story and that they still went on to find their happily ever after. Maybe they were the only storyline that actually did find their happily ever afters.

The Baker’s Wife

Emily Blunt was so awesome as the Baker’s wife in Into the Woods I loved her character. I was sad but interested when she and the Prince kissed each other in the woods. She kind of liked and the song she was singing I can’t remember now was really beautiful about who we love and why we don’t kiss handsome strangers in the woods from time and time again. It made me so sad she died and I couldn’t actually believe it.

The end of the movie doesn’t end on the happiest life the characters must lead but they come together in unity making their own family out of who they have left. It’s beautiful and tragic mixed into one and I really loved the Grimm fairytale story that Into the Woods was I loved that it didn’t end on an happily ever after it ended on a we will make it work with what ever we have and we should be careful of the stories we tell our children because they listen.

Thoughts on the film Into the Woods? Look out for February’s Movie Club announcement next week and the Foxcatcher January review.

xo Syd

(P.S this post was actually published a week ago too early mistakenly I wasn’t finished talking about the movie so here are some updates on important elements in the story.)


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