Revenge Episode: Abduction

S4 E13 Abduction

S4 E13 Abduction

How about that episode? At first, I was worried this episode wasn’t going to be as thrilling as the last one but Revenge proves me wrong. Watch out there are Spoilers ahead! Spoilers!

I am not really liking the whole Emily and Victoria working together thing. I understand in this case they were forced to but it still doesn’t sit well for me. Maybe because I am still looking for Revenge against the Graysons’s as that is what Emily has trying to do this whole series. I like the Nemily dynamic duo better than the Victoria and Emily and the Nolan and Lousie duo.

It was pretty cute watching Ben and Jack finally working together. Hey, they ARE partners. It’s nice Ben is finally clued into what is going on with Jack and Emily. He seems like a genuinely heroic character that is trying to do right in the world. Does that mean he can be completely trusted? We will find out…but for now his loyalty lies with Emily and Jack.

How about Louise and her crazy family? What did she do to deserve this treatment? Nolan seems to be wrapped up in her web. Hoping Nolan isn’t a casualty of this family war. We are happy to see that Louise is no longer a crazy threat, she’s got her own family issues to deal with not to play with Emily and the Grayson’s. Although she’s not out of the woods yet with her secrets.

David Clarke never seems to have it as together as Emily Thorne. It’s always Emily’s plan being executed and everyone else just trying to follow suit. Which I now see at the end of this episode but during it I was like why is David Clarke always so ridiculous? He just always seems to have a plan that does not work and never wants to tell anyone about it.

The truth is out about David plotting to kill Victoria. Does this mean that David will no longer go through with it because she “saved” Emily? And with her doing so, does this mean Victoria Grayson is no longer the villain of the show? How can that be? Although we all know she is encouraging Margo even though she clearly says Revenge is a dangerous game. Oh we know Victoria, we know.


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