The GIRLS are back in town


Yes, GIRLS is back! I can’t contain my excitement. This season seems to be shaping up better than season 3 (which was still great, but not my favorite).

So, Hanna is going to Iowa. This is kind of funny and sad at the same time. Funny because it’s Iowa which seems random to me from a girl who moves from NYC to Iowa but the writer’s workshop is one of the best. After re-watching season 3 I remembered that Adam and Hanna did get into that fight outside the broadway theater and never really resolved it. Now she is moving? Makes for some interesting plot lines to begin this season.

We meet Shoshanna’s parents! Hooray, finally Shoshanna has warmed up to us viewers to allow us to meet her parents…this is getting serious. From their interactions it’s pretty recognizable where Shoshanna’s anxious word vomit comes from it’s that place of trying to get a word in edge wise. It was hilarious that both her parents are names ‘Mel’ it’s so funny and yet so simple. It is also good to know her and Ray are on good terms.

Jessa is still taking care of Edie which is so beautiful, cute and sad wrapped into one unkempt package of conflict. While she is dealing with Hanna moving where she feels Hanna is just running away from her problems more so than actually running toward her dreams.

Oh Marnie, always the awkward trouble maker. I loved the motorboat a** scene that was so funny and unexpected? Or was it? Marie can’t keep her hands off other people’s mans. Hopefully she learns a lesson with this one because she really has not and maybe it’s because it was her friends last time Hanna and Shoshanna (although for doing that stuff to a friend you probably should be punished with girl code) I have a feeling Clementine will not be so forgiving.

Elijah was my favorite, as usual. Adam’s always a favorite too. Elijah’s line “this business isn’t for sissy bitches” was the best of the whole episode. Preach Elijah!

xo Syd


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