Blog Updated Schedule


Hey guys, as 2015 begins I want to celebrate it with a productive year ahead! That means keeping a more concise post schedule.

Also, I’m setting out to keep up what Creative Culture is all about – getting to know some awesome artists all over! Like in this post about my aunt Michele :) –>


What’s to be expected from the blog this year?

Specifically this spring semester is going to be the last semester for me in college (cue slow clap) ah it’s so bittersweet. That doesn’t mean the posts here will be neglected I swear! About every other week I will have reviews of the latest GIRLS episodes, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, and The Vampire Diaries so we can watch them together. These seem to be the most popular shows that I watch. Each week I will have two posts say once week is GIRLS episode and a Pretty Little Liar episode while next week is Revenge and The Vampire Diaries. Buckle up, it’s going to be a good show season.


Spoon posts await as I enter into my final semester I will still be working with Spoon University you can check out my food here:

As well as a new movie club. A time for us to discuss some movies together each month. December’s was Into the Woods, and now January’s is Foxcatcher. Hooray!


Cheers! Let’s get Creative!

xo Syd



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