Let’s Talk: Pretty Little Liars Season 5B Premiere

Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!


Woah that episode Spencer’s clear, Ali’s in Jail, Paige is leaving Rosewood FOREVER, Aria’s not going to college, and Hanna is really smart (we already knew she is smart). Okay so let’s get into some juicy PLL topics. This will be kind of sporadic review post but it’s because so many interesting things happened.

First, I would like to get in the major clue (clue?) I think I noticed in this episode…but I am not too sure what exactly it means. If you are in the online PLL world, which hopefully you are if you are reading this, you may have followed the writers of PLL’s clue this week. This photo:


I was watching for it and noticed that when Emily goes to the airport and looks for Paige she puts one knee on the chair and looks out for the plane and straight into her own reflection. This moment holds for what feels like extra long until Paige pops up into the frame. This could just be me overanalyzing but it seems eerie in how it was done and strange how this picture was just posted by the writers and Marlene King this week. Hmm, something to think about…

Are we or the liars going to talk at all about how Mona’s laptop was stolen from Aria?! It seemed like they didn’t even mention it after it happened. Aria’s so suspicious since I have been looking at Aria as A theories online lately. She was wearing red in this episode too and started to cry after talking to her brother about Mona (maybe guilty?) or maybe just sad. I still think it’s extremely suspicious that Aria was the last person Mona ever spoke to as far as we know. Also, maybe Aria wasn’t going to Caleb’s for information on how to hack a school’s website but how to get onto Mona’s laptop. Then she hired someone to steal it from her so she could claim it was robbed from her when Caleb wanted it back. These are just silly theories, but what about her brother? Was he in the mask and robbed Mona’s computer? He did have Mike’s phone in his hands or whomever’s hands the masked figure was at the time.

What about Hanna? Hanna in this episode had a Mona flashback of Mona telling Hanna she is smarter than Spencer. We knew Hanna was smart already and when she got into the ivy leagues it only confirmed it. Then with this flashback it makes me think that they were saying it to remind us that Hanna is smart enough to pull the whole A thing off. Maybe her and Mona were always working together? Maybe it’s Hanna in the mask that is wrestling Mona to the ground and maybe they were doing it to cover up Mona’s fake death? There still is no body. Even though us the viewers have seen that Mona is d-e-a-d, I’m still not a believer until I see the liars confirm the body.

What is with the whole ski family photo trip too? What did it mean? That Alison remembers things differently than her brother?

Spencer now has a get out of jail free card with Toby on the force. Glad to see a friendly (we won’t forget you’re “BetrAyal” though Toby) face on the cop squad in Rosewood.

Congrats to Paige for making it out of Rosewood alive (for now) and hopefully she will enjoy some sunnier times in California away from this A business.

xo A

I mean, Syd.

(P.S bad joke I know.)


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