The Woman in Red


Today is an exciting day because it is the first post I’ve written that has accomplished everything I wanted to do with Creative Culture. Columns about the amazing people that surround my life. I am excited to announce my Aunt Michele as the first participant in my culture experiment.

Meet my Aunt Michele, Dean of Montgomery Community College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a vision in any color and looks sleek as ever in all black and white ensemble with a pop of red color. I decided I would interview her for Creative Culture as we discuss her favorite pop culture as well as her own personal trends and advice for college students. So let’s get to it!

McinRed9 MCinred8

Hi, Michele First up, what’s your favorite movie right now? Of all time? 

M: Paris is Burning and Grey Gardens are two of my favorite films. I saw them years after they were made but they were filmed in my day so they hold my attention with my own personal nostalgia. They are portraits of extraordinary artistic people who revel in their self expression even in dire circumstances. When I first started watching Paris is Burning my first thought was that most of these people are dead, consumed by the AIDS epidemic. Unfortunately, I was right. I still found the character Pepper LaBeija to be such a compelling personality. It was a beautiful documentary to watch.

(Paris is Burning is on Netflix! It follows the story of an annual competition in New York in the 1980s drag queen scene. The documentary focuses on the origination of voguing and the Queens that faced perilous times in New York during the AIDS epidemic. 8/10 on

Favorite T.V show?

M: I’d have to say GIRLS. I’m a great defender of Lena Dunham. I think Lena’s ahead of her time. Also, Orange is the New Black is a favorite Netflix binge. Ah, and Please Like Me (thanks for introducing me to both Please Like Me and GIRLS ;) ). I must admit as well that I got into Real Housewives of New Jersey for awhile. I have also always loved Project Runway.


What’s the fashion decade you favor?

M: My favorite decade is 1955-1965 for fashion influence. I read once that Jackie Kennedy Onassis was pear shaped, as am I. I think that is why I feel great in Mad Men Era clothing. Recently. my uniform at work is black pants and soft structured jackets with some kind of pattern or metallic.

Any staple items you love right now and must have to wear?

M: Pearls are a favorite staple. Also, scarves of course.

What is your favorite food?

M: I have been making a great breakfast lately with banana smoothies. It calls for: 1 Banana, 1 shot of apple juice, a leaf of Kale blended, 3 quarts of the blender with almond milk. It’s delicious, easy and a healthy breakfast choice.


What’s your favorite vegetarian dish?

M: I like a salad at a place called Green Soul in Chestnut Hill with sweet potatoes, quinoa, greens and collard pesto. I try to recreate it at home for meals. I do eat more processed foods than I am proud of to be honest. As a Pescetarian with some forays into veganism and vegetarianism I am making the choice to limit my impact on other sentient beings. At the same time I feed my cats meat and poultry so I contradict myself. However, I continue to seek a more balanced practice in it.

What do you love most about your job?

M: I love that I can make a difference in people’s lives and help them chart their life course. I believe in the community college mission which grants access to all who want higher education. It keeps America somewhat democratic. I believe Bill Clinton said something of that effect when he visited Montgomery campus.

In my current job I also get to promote Arts education which makes me really happy.



Thanks Aunty Chel as my little cousin Lorenzo would say :) thank you for letting us have a look into your life. If you would like to read more about Michele’s journey through the Labyrinth read her blog posts here: . It’s a real treat if you are in need of some soul searching.

Thanks again Michele love,



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