What a Year


2014 was an awesome year of many triumphs to be remembered. Especially, for us folks here. It’s time to give a remembrance for the best posts from 2014 on Creative Culture. Here’s the top ten most viewed posts this year. :)

10. Pumpkin Carving Party

Ah, what better fun than carving a few pumpkins, drinking beer and watching cartoon Halloween movies? Find out how to make a pumpkin keg, decorate, and host your very own Pumpkin Carving Party next year.

9. Labor Day Fun

All of you enjoyed my post on our fun filled Labor day break where we enjoyed paddle boarding, delicious meals, and great friends.



8. While I’ve Been Gone

An updating post but a favorite about Chris and I’s film accomplishments in the spring time. Check out this post for some awesome stills of our films.



7. 21st Birthday Festivities 

Another fun post about our adventure on my 21st birthday in South Beach, Miami. It was beautiful I loved those slushy drinks and we got to enjoy the night a little chilly on a rooftop in Miami overlooking the ocean and city. Can’t beat that!



6. Berlin Foodie

Oh Europe, how I miss you so. Especially the good food we had in Berlin, Germany this summer. Wow, and we were under the weather too. True adventurers though we stuck it out and continued exploring and trying new foods. When in…Berlin :)



5. True Blood Finale Review

So sad to see this show say it’s goodbyes. We loved those super vamps! Although the ending wasn’t what I expected…read on.




4. Pure Heroine Album Review

Lorde is a goddess. I love her lyrics her soulful unique sound it’s just wonderful.

Lorde blowing hair in the wind


3.  New Year, New Resolutions, New You

Crazy to think this was a year ago this article was posted. Time flies when you are writing a blog. I am proud to say I definitely accomplished all my goals for this year. Not quite how I expected to, but still I did it. Not too often I can say that so I am enjoying it.



2. Crop Top Claudie

I knew this hot stuff would get top of the list. She always does my beautiful sister. Love you sissy.

Crop Top Claudie 9


1. Why We Do Not Post Our Films Online

This post made me super excited to finally explain to everyone why we do not post our films online. I was lucky enough everyone seemed to like it it got the most views ever on Creative Culture within the first hour! Wow, didn’t know everyone was as excited as I was to talk about my creative process. Gear up for the new year guys because I have many more posts just like this one coming up. Lots of thoughts, lots of ideas, coming this way in the near year. Fingers crossed everyone enjoys these next ones too.




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