B&W Photo Feature

Hey guys, I know I have been some what absent for the past two months. School and work and travel has been crazy busy but it has been a very exciting and productive time for me.

I have decided to include a new monthly feature of my favorite iphone photos in black and white. I have always loved color. I love color the way it spices up our simple mundane parts of our lives. Imagine for a second if there were no color? No light? How horrible. I take it back don’t think about it!

As a lover of color I decided it would be a nice challenge to change photos I loved (that didn’t need to be changed) into black and white photos.
That being said I have been appreciating the complexity and drama that a black and white photo can hold. There’s something nostalgic and classic about a black and white photo even if it was taken yesterday! There’s no pressure for the light or the darkness in any black and white photo. It just is and that is what I love about them too.

They are also good for photos that didn’t turn out the best the first time. Turn them into black and white photos and they look even better especially if you are in a pinch with bad lighting.

Here are a few snaps from our most recent trip to California. :) Enjoy!

xo SydIMG_3052.JPG


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