2015 Movie Club


Okay, so you must’ve heard about a Book Club. In case you haven’t it’s an awesome monthly way for people to connect and share a book together that they read over a month’s time and then gather and discuss the book.

This gave me the thought why not create a Movie Club? I love watching movies and want to always connect with people and discuss movies why not make a club? At the beginning of each month I will announce a movie that is coming out (or is already out) and we will meet back here at the end of the month for a discussion on the movie. That means you have a month to go on a date to the movies, rent, buy, Redbox, Netflix or borrow the movie up for discussion. Pretty sweet, right?

I have always loved the idea of a book club. I just always kind of got distracted or couldn’t keep up and had to read other stuff for school it just got difficult. This way in a month’s time it must be possible to sit down and enjoy a movie for an hour or two. You’d be surprised at how much time this film major college student does not devote to watching movies. In my defense I believe it’s because I am on a binge watching whole T.V shows phase. This movie club will help me take some time to watch and enjoy movies that have been on my list for awhile that I have not been able to watch.

Each month I will include a brief description, possible trailer, and MPAA rating of the film (to let you kow if kiddos can watch too). At the beginning of each discussion post I will include a brief overview of the experience I had while watching the movie. Scroll down and I will post a beware of spoilers as we delve into each movie.

Each month the movie will be different from the next some could be serious dramas, some comedies, some independent films, a classic film or two, or animated one just keep reading each month and see what the next one will be :).

I am super excited to announce this especially with the Oscars coming up we have lots of good movies to check out this next month. Christmas Day will be a BIG release time this year for many good looking movies.

This month’s December 2014 movie will be dun dunna duh… Into the Woods

December 2014 Creative Culture Movie Club

December 2014 Creative Culture Movie Club

This PG movie will be released on Christmas Day this year. It’s a live action musical about the enthralling stories of some of our favorite storybook characters including Cinderella and Red Riding Hood. This star studded cast looks like they deliver an awesome movie but you will have to be the judge! Into the Woods review will be released early January to give enough time for people to go see it.

Who is excited for Into the Woods?

xo Syd


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