Pumpkin Carving Party


It’s been about two weeks since our Pumpkin Carving Party I threw together October 30th but I still wanted to share pics and give all the details about the awesome time we had.

IMG_2442First, the good stuff – Food! I made sugar cookies with icing in the shapes of pumpkin, bat, and cats. They were delish and super easy to make!

I asked my friends to each bring an item (and a pumpkin) including beer, wine, and sweet treats. One of my friends brought these sweet candy and caramel apples that were wrapped so nicely. Another brought a pumpkin spice flavored bundt cake, pumpkin beer, Halloween cake, and more beer (of course).

IMG_2403IMG_2414IMG_2418I also made a “witches brew” which was an easy recipe of limeade, sherbert, and sprite. We also added vodka to a few of the witches brew drinks and it still tasted good. I served it out of a cauldron. Rock on.

IMG_2424IMG_2440If you know me, you know I absolutely love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday and I tell everyone I meet and they usually get the hint when October 1st rolls around that I’m not lying. I love it. Seriously. I also love pumpkins and I thought to myself what could I do to decorate the apartment and have lots of pumpkins around for a purpose? Bam! Pumpkin carving party.

In college when you are away from your family and ‘growing up’ you still want to participate in activities that you did with your family except now you get to do them with your friends. I thought it would be fun to carve pumpkins together and get in the spirit.

IMG_2436IMG_2449 IMG_2445I’m so thankful everyone else had the same idea and was just as pumped as I was to carve pumpkins the night before Halloween.

Above is my little Halloween themed photo backdrop which I wish I had more time to perfect but it was pretty cute at the time.

Decorating on a budget for Halloween is all about the trash bags and cobwebs. They are cheap and easy to decorate a teensie apartment in they really brought the haunted house factor into the mix.



Chris also made his classic Pumpkin Keg! It was fun to have it and try pumpkin flavored beer. We love this classic and plan to make it for years to come! If you want to learn how to make it click the link below!


IMG_2478IMG_2479We also played some Halloween Trivia which was super fun because everyone got to learn interesting facts about Halloween. For example the colors Orange and Black symbolize Harvest and Death.

I played Paranorman, Casper, and Nightmare before Christmas in the background which was nice background noise to watch. I recorded it from the 13 nights of Halloween off of abcfamily. :)

One thing if you are having a Halloween themed soiree is that there are alot of weird sounding “Halloween” themed music out there that doesn’t sound Halloween like at all. I have concluded that next year instead of the next Christmas album there needs to be the next Halloween album. I’ll go buy the CD if there is and if not I will start recording creepy sounds.


IMG_2468 IMG_2456

My Pumpkin Carving Party will be for sure an annual event for many years to come. How about you will you have a pumpkin carving party next year?

xo Syd

(P.S After everyone left there were still 20 pumpkins of all shapes and sizes in my apartment. They are staying for the rest of November for sure!)


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