Why We Do Not Post Our Films Online


Many people have asked me lately to send them the link to my short films or Chris’s short films. When I tell them they are not online they always wonder why and are surprised why I won’t get our films “out there”. Now I am here to tell you why we do not!


1. First, and foremost the number one reason we do not post our films online is because every serious film festival does not accept films that are or ever have been posted online.

I am always kinda shocked when other film students do not know about this. Do they not think their films are worthy of film festivals? As film students our films should be submitted to film festivals because we are trying to make a living doing this job. We need to appreciate our worth by submitting to film festivals. We must ask ourselves are we making films that are good enough for film festivals? And if the answer is no, then why are we making films?

It’s a process, it’s a journey, we are learning in school and our films are learning they are going into the direction we need to go in to be taken seriously as filmmakers.


2. You lose some of the magic of a film/video if it is already online.

I get it. We live in a generation of everything online. But if everything is online it is difficult to sift through the good stuff. If we put our films online, we are just like everyone else. YouTube is great for music videos, cat videos, vlogs, and news clips but when was the last time you saw a really riveting film on YouTube? That hadn’t already been through the film festival circuit. If it was on YouTube and was a really wonderful film it would have gained commercial success then it was probably in festivals two years ago. Or a year ago.

It’s really difficult to find a great short film on YouTube. Try it and let me know if you found one that hasn’t been into a film festival or won some kind of reputable reward.


3. We still want to see it with you.

We are really young filmmakers right now. I am still in my undergraduate degree in film. Our films are new and all efforts to improve our abilities, to learn new things, to learn what our audiences enjoy, what they don’t.

We get to see that if we are in the audience watching our short films with you. Sure, some instances might be biased because it’s our friends and family that are in the audiences but at the same time we can tell what in the movie excites them what they dislike about it. Plus it is not always that we show our films in my mom’s living room. We also showcased our films in 3 local film festivals in the spring semester this year.

Plus if I give you the link to it are you really going to go watch it? Then are you going to give me constructive feedback in person that isn’t a lie or a snide comment on YouTube?


4. We take this seriously.

We want our films to be good enough to put on resumes to show our future bosses we have what it takes. If we put our films online it’s kind of like why would someone pay to see your work when they can just go online and look it up?


5. We don’t want EVERYONE to see it right now.

If you put your work on the Internet anyone can alter it. Anyone has access to it for the rest of time. It’s true. If potential jobs do their homework and see films then it’s kind of like we can not control which of our films they can see that we don’t want to be seen anymore because we made it our freshman year in college.

That being said, we will post them just not right now.


We love our films and our wonderful audiences. Even if that audience is a teensie tiny one. :) We are happy people can see our films and we do WANT people to see our films. We just want to be in control of it. If that makes sense?

I do have a treat for you all. Now I’m going to contradict myself haha. Next semester after I showcase my most recent student films to friends and family I will post my self portrait on here! Only on here! :) My self portrait is more of a personal project not in our group of films I would submit to film festivals. So I will post it. All in good time.

Xo Syd


8 thoughts on “Why We Do Not Post Our Films Online

  1. ryantlabee says:

    i to am a filmmaker…though self taught…and still learning…and i actually didn’t know some of this so this is an amazingly insightful and helpful post. Really glad i stumbled across your blog! Thanks for sharing.


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