FAU Magazine Remarque


Another exciting announcement this month! Hooray announcements.


Chris and I’s film stills are in this years volume of Remarque. Remarque is a FAU published magazine for students and alumni to submit their artwork. We are so excited to see these magazines in the hands of other FAU students. Especially around the movie theater where all our customers can see and pick up one as well.

IMG_2061 IMG_2062

The films Chris submitted are “Hooked” and “Hello” which I starred in both. Here are some behind the scenes posts I posted last year when we were making “Hello?”





The film stills I have published are “Best” and “Gilded Cage”. Here are some stills from “Hooked” and “Best”:



We are both so proud and happy to have our films in the magazine. If you go to FAU be sure to pick up one this year and check out all the talent FAU has to offer. :)

Xo Syd


(P.S Email me if you would like a copy at creativecultureblog@gmail.com )





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