Crop Top Claudie

Crop Top Claudie 9Crop Top Claudie 4

So technically it’s okay to celebrate my sister’s birthday two weeks late if it’s the same day she was suppose to born right? Although October 15th is kind of a conflicting day because it is also my Dad’s birthday today. Basically, I am behind with my birthdays. Claudia, my beautiful sister pictured here was born on September 29th although her due date was today (on my Dad’s birthday, Happy Birthday Dad!) she arrived two weeks early. Maybe her long legs just couldn’t take it anymore and had to get out.

Crop top Claudie Creative CultureCropTop Claudie 2

I took these photos last time I saw my sister for her birthday weekend she looked so cute. I thought finally it’s about time I take a Fashion related post. Can you believe I have not written about Fashion and it is the second word in my tagline? Sorry, guys I’ve just been obsessing over Film and Food lately and clearly the blog can tell.

Crop Top Claudie 5

Okay, I love this new crop top phase going around. I am just not sure yet if I am cut out (get it? because it’s like cropped?) for it. I need to do some shopping around for sure. Claudia snuck out of her dorm with this top she stole from her BFF/roomie and paired it with pretty black shorts. She is wearing also a FSU necklace of an arrow. She says every girl has it at FSU right now. It is so cute I want one now too. She got it from a boutique in Tallahassee called ‘Trending Now’.

Crop Top CLaudie 6Crop Top Claudie7

I have to interrupt this post to say that as I was writing this post and grabbed my phone to ask where Claudia specifically got every piece of clothing from she texted me simultaneously. Not only did she text me in that same moment but her text was a suggestion that I should post these photos on this Wednesday (October 15th!) on Creative Culture…How crazy is that? We really are sisters. We read each others’ mind! I’m geeking out over here that was just so crazy.

Crop Top Claudie 10

Claudia’s crop top came from (first and foremost her roommate Victoria) who got it from Charlotte Russe. Claudia’s shorts she got from American Eagle.

Crop Top CLaudie 8

This is a nice summer/spring outfit. I figured we needed to share one summer/spring outfit before Fall really gets in full swing. Which also doesn’t happen for us Floridians until the end of November. So hey this outfit is good year round for the Floridians. One moment it is summer with the heat beating down on us the next there is a light breeze enough for us girls to throw on the stylish boots and grab a pumpkin spice latte. That is just how it is here and I have accepted it. We basically pretend it is cold out in Florida when October rolls around. But maybe Claudia’s cute face will remind us there is always summer time here.

Crop Top Claudie 3Have a happy week all! Love you Claudie :) Happy Belated Birthday again. You make any age look absolutely fabulous.

Love your sister,

Syd :)


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