Women we love this October

As I have said before, I love October and this October seems to be really special. I have been so excited for all the releases this October by these pretty rocking ladies.

I have to mention Lorelai and Rory Gilmore first. If you have never had an opportunity to watch Gilmore Girls, now is the time to start. Seriously, October 1st began all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I know you will not be disappointed. I’ll always love Gilmore Girls it was the first show I ever binge watched. It was way worth the binge all that wonderful mother daughter bonding. It is one of those shows where you can really delve into the show because Stars Hollow is such a character in the story who wouldn’t want to go to live there?



Lena Dunham’s new book just came out. On September 30th but it can be enjoyed this October. Review on the book later guys. I am super excited about this memoir because it is about a female writer, director, and star of her own show. Which is basically my dream job. Probably everyone’s dream job if we are being honest with ourselves. If you look at Barnes and Noble.com and order it now you could get a signed copy of the book. I did!


Taylor Swift’s pop album comes out. If you are not a Taylor Swift fan, I get it. Let’s start though because this is a pop album. Pop album. I can already tell the sound will be more fun. Not that we didn’t love jamming to ‘Never Ever’ but I think it is time to jam to ‘Shake it Off’ if ya catch my drift? No, well anyways it’s coming out October 27th. Preorder and get a chance to enter into the Swiftstakes to meet Taylor Swift.


Lorde is on the cover of Elle magazine. If you haven’t listened to her album yet, listen now. Then go pick up this magazine.

lorde-elle-2014-photoshoot01If you have read my blog before you may know about my favorite blog. A Beautiful Mess.com. I love Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. This sister duo is amazing and brought a simple DIY blog and turned it into it’s own culture. You may have also downloaded their apps: PartyParty app (where you can make gifs out of your photos) or A Beautiful Mess app (where you can add text and borders to your photos) or read their books their new book: Happy Handmade Home, or their book: A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea book. If that isn’t enough they will also be releasing a line of craft products at the end of October.



It’s time to join the movement for #heforshe Emma Watson rocks this speech at the U.N. Let’s stand up for all inequality.


I am incredibly excited for all these releases this October. Reason(s) to love this October. It’s also Breast Cancer month guys. Let us not forget about the lovely ladies that surround our lives. Give mom, sister, friend, lover and extra hug this month.

xo Syd


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