Exciting announcement about Food- Spoon University


Okay, it would seem I am already technically a “published” writer because of this blog Creative Culture. However everyone is pretty much a published writer if they post on the internet.

What I mean is and are you ready for this awesome announcement…? Drumroll please! I will be the new writer for FAU Spoon University blog. If you don’t know what Spoon University is you can check out more here: http://spoonuniversity.com/

Basically a website filled with food. Where you can learn how to cook, host, check out the restaurants at or around your university. The whole website is written by college students! Check it out to see all the best schools sharing their food loving techniques.
Now, FAU is starting a chapter. See, awesome right?

I will send my website as soon as we get everything situated. Plan on lots of pasta, pumpkin, baking and party hosting food posts coming from my Spoon account. I can’t wait to share my concoctions with everyone.

Stay tuned! Spoon on foodies,
Sydney :)

(This is kind of embarrassing (I thought I would share anyways) but I did not mean for this post to publish on Wednesday October 1st but I had scheduled it being really ambitious thinking I would have the picture with it by the first, but I did not. Sorry for the mix up here we go again!)


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