Halloweenie Ideas for your Halloween Party

Happy Halloween all! I know I have been out of touch for the past two weeks but I am back. October is my season. I love love love Halloween. It is my absolute favorite holiday and I have many Halloween themed posts waiting for you all to soak up this month. Yay! Let’s get started.

The internet is a beautiful thing around this time of year. It is baking time and most importantly pumpkin time. ;) Look at this awesome idea for a pumpkin carving party. I love it maybe I will try it this year.


Photo from mom4real.com

Photo from mom4real.com

Check out these snacks to make while you wait for Trick or Treaters this year.


photo by karasPartyIdeas.com

Photo by karasPartyIdeas.com

Love this website I found with some pretty awesome Halloween DIY’s: One Charming Party.com Look at those cute DIY popcorn bowls. There is so much more on their website check them out.


photo by Brittni Mehlhoff off One Charming Party.com

Photo by Brittni Mehlhoff off One Charming Party.com

Turn off the computer right now and go make this. I know I am being bossy but hey look at that magical cookie…


photo and cake by liluna.com

Photo and cake by liluna.com

Check out this Vampire float. Only two ingredients? I will take it.


photo and float by shakentogetherlife.com

Photo and float by shakentogetherlife.com

Can not wait to share my Halloween surprises. Enjoy these little treats for now. :)

wooooo, woooo, woo (that’s my ghost voice)



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