September’s Music Playlist – Current Favorite Music

September has been a month of really good music. I think because I found a perfect Pandora station. (Stay High (Habits Remix) station on Pandora is bumping!)

Also, I am in love Taylor Swift’s new song Shake it Off. I can NOT stop shaking the haterz off ever since ;)! Love her new album will be a Pop album. It is about time.

Sia is so beautiful. Her voice makes me want to cry in the corner or run through the woods laughing. I am not sure where those ideas came from but it is how I feel when I hear her voice. It makes me believe I can physically swing from a chandelier every party I go to from here on out. Too bad I am not going to the kinds of parties that would have chandeliers…Can I swing from the keg? No?

Here is another elegant new voice as well! Banks! Pretty, pretty. See a good find off that Pandora station.

Ed Sheeran is always cute. Especially, ‘Don’t’ it is sexy and powerful.

When I heard this song off that Pandora Station I was in the car squirming in the car I wanted to dance so bad. I mean, I did the best dance moves I could in the car. Without crashing. So that is something right?

Last but surely not least this song is really fun. And Bumping. If you like electronica you will enjoy this song! Have a listen.

Happy Jamming All!

Xo Syd


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