20 Something’s – Most Recent IPhone photos

IMG_1741.JPGThese past two weeks have been filled to the brim with birthday activities. It has been so exciting it feels like my own birthday! Not quite though. It was my roommate Janel’s best friend Veronica’s birthday then it was Janel’s birthday a week later. So we celebrated by having a BBQ at Veronica and Garrett’s apartment. It was really fun. I snapped these cute pictures of the two of them giggling as everyone sang Happy Birthday to them. It is always nice when it is dark and there are only a few candles lit on some giant dessert and everyone is singing to you because it is your time to shine. It is such a good time!

IMG_1705.JPGThen after Janel’s birthday week it was Gina’s birthday last Tuesday. She had planned a low key night us eating Indian food and going to Miami to play Trivia. And it was a low key night minus the surprise party we were planning for her! Surprise! Surprise!! Hooray! I was so excited to be the decoy. I practically begged her boyfriend to let me distract her with dinner. I did think I was going to slip up and have to cover my tracks at any moment. It is even more difficult to plan surprise parties in this day and age with all the technology floating around you never know when someone could slip up! Funny enough Gina’s phone did not work her whole birthday. Which prevented slip ups. It was a blast. I know she had fun I hope she had as much fun as I did. The surprise party was a hit.



Little does she know her family and friends were waiting at home with cake and presents!

IMG_1781.JPGOh yeah and is this not the most interesting present ever? A Salt Lamp. A lamp made out of salt! S-A-L-T! Yum! It was super funny we all took turns licking it. Okay, sorry I must be grossing you out but seriously you have to try it if there is a perfectly good lamp made of salt in front of you. I am going to lick it and know if it is really all salt. It was!

Happy Birthday Veronica, Janel, and Gina! Hope you all had as much fun as I did. :)

xo Syd

(Disco Cat had to make an appearance. Look at that face.)




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