True Blood Finale Review


Okay, now I do not want to spoil anything for anyone who is on the second episode or the second to last episode of True Blood. I figure one week later is a good amount of time before writing a review so that everyone has had a week to watch it. So beware SPOILERS ARE COMING! SPOILER ALERT! Again SPOILER ALERT!


Now that that is out of the way…I assume you have seen the final episode of True Blood if you are reading this. What did you think? This whole article is my opinion about the episode but I would like to see what other people thought of this ending. Was it satisfying? Is this how you imagined it to end?


I know personally speaking it is not at all how I imagined True Blood to end. There are 3 good reasons for this.

1) This whole final season was a rush to the end. To what end though? Why did we need to rush and kill all the characters frivolously? (Ahem, Tara and Alcide) Especially with no villian in this final season. Was the weird Texas style Asian man the villian? Because he sure was not as scary as Maryann Forrester, Russell Edgington, or Sarah Newlin. I can’t even remember his name and at the end I realized he was human. Not a scary threat. The stakes weren’t high in this scenario. I guess you could say that HP-V was the villain but it was a silent killer. True Blood is not use to silent killers. I was expecting a more urgent hey this is our one last time to save everyone from a villain episode.

2) Bill dies. At the hands of Sookie. The problem is not so much the fact that Bill dies at the end of True Blood but the fact that Sookie and him didn’t end up together. Why would they build Sookie and Bill up the whole finale season for them not to at least agree to love each other and be together? Why couldn’t he die (still infected with HP-V) in order to save Sookie? Would that not be more heroic? More representative of their love than him just simply accepting death. Look we all know that Bill has been suicidal this whole series. He always hates his Vampirism. It has always been a cross to bear with him. Does that mean we now give up and let him die? No, I don’t care what he says about him being the darkness in Sookie’s life. There is always darkness in life no matter the source but we go on.

3) Never once throughout this show did I see Sookie’s dream of having a human husband, and children of her own until this most recent episode. The very last episode of the whole entire series. What I as an audience member knew of Sookie’s main goal was that she just wanted silence. Even Tara said it in one of the seasons that all Sookie wanted was silence that is what attracted her to the supernatural. Yet, I do not remember Sookie complaining about how she will never have a child to Bill or to anyone else for that matter. Which makes it seem like it is not a big issue for her. (Hey there is always adoption!) Also, she never discussed the consequences to Bill of her getting old and him never growing old. These moral points never came up through the series. Were they just too busy fighting villains to talk about the future of their relationship? Now suddenly Sookie wants a human husband? That the audience does not know. We don’t get to see him. We will never know him. That is cheating the audience.


Darkness will always be attracted to Sookie. Especially once she decided to keep her Faye. So why couldn’t she love Bill or Eric at the end? What happened to Sookie and Eric? How will a human man be able to protect Sookie from the supernatural that will come after her her whole life and possibly her now children with that man? I would choose the Viking Vampire…sorry but that is just me.


Now for the other characters:

Jessica, Jason, and Hoyt – Why again spend a whole season (or two, three seasons) build up the relationship of two characters, Jessica + Jason, only for at the very last episode minute choose Jessica + Hoyt? Oh and they will get married too for twenty minutes of real time in the final episode of the series. I could understand this coming from a time when Hoyt and Jessica were still on the rocks and Hoyt was angry but after a season with him gone and Jason and Jessica falling into love why rip the rug out now? I just do not get it.


Tara, Lafayette, and Tara’s mom:

I am not really satisfied at all how things ended with Lafayette. Or Tara. Why did we see none of Lafayette in the final episode? One line? One line? No more lines or storylines could have been written for him? We just leave him assuming he is dong fine with Jessica’s ex prison boyfriend? We couldn’t squeeze an extra Lafayette scene in that time while Jessica and Hoyt were getting married for 20 minutes? It just seems unlike the show.

Don’t even get me started with Tara. One of the best characters on the show is killed off in the first episode and we don’t even get to see it. Did they know how angry they would be making the audience by doing this? I did not believe she was killed until Pam said she felt her reach the True Death and even then I was still questioning it. Why did we spend more time this season on her cracked out mom then Tara? Not fair. At least let us see something of it. Not the crazy mom screaming. We knew Tara always got shitty storylines but we were not expecting this.



Ugh again with the strange relationships in this season. Sam ends up with Nicole? The whiny girl from a season ago was it or was it this season? A whiny, young, too young for Sam girl who got all of her friends killed out of curiosity in her civil rights movement of the supernatural. Not cool guys. Why not give us a little more depth into their attraction their relationship? I loved Sam and Tara way more. Especially Sam and Luna. That was heartbreaking and good t.v but yet we didn’t get that from this random girl Nicole. He got her pregnant? What? Why did he become mayor for two seconds then run off and give his beloved bar up? Why guys?

Arlene, Andy Bellefleur, Sarah Newlin, and Ginger are the only characters that I enjoyed there end in the True Blood finale. The story arch fit for their characters.


Eric and Pam:

Eric is my favorite. Like I said I would pick the Viking Vampire any day over some random human. At least we got some chunk of time with these two characters before we would part ways forever. It could have been better. It was comical that they started ‘New Blood’. Possible spinoff, anybody? They luckily got to end the series at their precious Fangtasia. As I said before though Eric made it look so easy to kill the human Asian man why hadn’t he just gotten that out of the way earlier? Before he threatened Pam’s life. That was the most suspenseful part of this episode. As an audience member you know you are watching the finale you think this is the end of the series they may very well kill Pam too. It brings goosebumps because you feel as if you are Eric too not knowing the outcome in those seconds. Now True Blood is past all that suspenseful killing. Now they just cut out of the script characters and tell you they are dead by having their crazy mom (who could be lying) screaming. At that point the suspense was building and I thought here we go one final war at Sookie’s to end the series. No, nope. Sookie just hears a bump in the night and has no idea Eric just killed four men coming to kill her.


I really love True Blood. I do, do not get me wrong. All those incredible people that made True Blood happen are admirable. I love them and always will love this series. I am just speaking my own opinion-based critique of the final episode. This is just one person’s opinion. I do not want to tarnish my notion of True Blood or any other person’s views. I will still always love this show and will admire the magnitude of this show’s success. How grateful I am to sit back and enjoy it.


Nevertheless, I am an aspiring artist. I think it necessary for me to think critically of film and television. I thrive thinking critically and must do so with even things I love the most. It is my nature!

True Blood had a great run! I was just reviewing my dissatisfaction with the final episode in the series and final season of the series. I still love it and know other people do too!

Thoughts on the True Blood Series Finale anyone?!

Have a great week. Goodbyes Suck.

xo Syd



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