London, My Stomach is Calling

LondonCuisineedit1LondonCuisineedit3Ah, London. A place of beauty, history, and “bland” food? I disagree. Although people did tell us that the food in London was going to be “bland” tasteless I completely disagree. It was so exciting to try fish n chips! All my life I always heard about it and wanted to give it a try and finally I got to in London.

Sure the mushy peas needed a little salt but that was about it for me. People say because every other place in the world literally spices everything up that England doesn’t know flavor? I don’t think so. London is past all of that.


I really loved the breakfast in London. I had read about it too and how I needed to try a real English Breakfast. Luckily we did the first night. The first night when we hadn’t actually believed we would get on the plane! So we searched for a hotel to stay that night and luckily found one that served breakfast in bed. Score! It had all the things I dreamed about except for beans ;( which I had been wanting to try after seeing all the pictures. Nevertheless, still delicious and wished I was not so jetlagged at the time so I wasn’t half asleep while eating.

20140826-211831-76711390.jpg20140826-211831-76711183.jpgThe Tea was as to be expected, excellent. I did not even drink coffee because the tea had enough caffeine to keep me awake. :-]

20140826-211834-76714399.jpgThis sandwich was packed with flavor. It was a good first dinner to have in England. We also enjoyed the beers which were called Frontier an English beer. The waitress knew we weren’t from England and wanted to have a taste of an English beer so she brought them right out for us. They were really good definitely my favorite English beer I tried in England.

20140826-211833-76713246.jpgLondonCuisineedit2You know that saying ‘when you love something set it free’? That is kind of how I feel about this shepard’s pie below. It was so wonderful I wanted to eat it all up, and I did, but I loved it way too much. My stomach ached with joy because I did eat the whole thing but it was so very rich with deliciousness I should’ve eased up! :O


We also tried Indian Cuisine in England and the experience was such a funny story we will always remember it. We just wanted a quick bite to eat but all the servers kept hounding us to buy more we were so very uncomfortable but it made for a funny story later.



I wish I had more England foodie pics! But we were going easy on our wallets on the first stop and I was too busy taking photos of Big Ben to remember to take more when I was eating. Moral of the story: Life is only bland when you make it that way. Oh, and English food is tasteful.

Cheers, Mate!



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