Berlin Foodie

BerlinCuisineedit1BerlinCuisineedit4Chris and I were crazy about Germany! We loved it so so much. It is hard when people ask what our favorite place was when we traveled this summer because really how can you narrow it down? SO the answer to our favorite place question is simple: ALL OF THEM!

I know I have yet to post the Instagram pictures from our Berlin adventure but they are coming I promise (along with many many more photos). However, to follow suit this week and stay food obsessed I thought it best to bump this little post up sooner. :) Okay, okay, now that that is out of the way let us begin!

The meal above was our favorite meal in Germany hands down. All though each meal, like each place, has something special and to love about it I’d have to say this one was my favorite in Germany. Maybe because this one felt the most date-like. The day we arrived in Germany was a tiresome one and it was really, really, really cold for us Floridians/Californian. Especially after sweating our weight out in Rome. I think this is what got me sick (the least fun part of the trip). That day/night all I wanted to do was sleep. But because of our excitement to be in a new place and because that night was the USA vs. Germany game in the world cup we managed! Not something you want to be sleeping for at all. So once the early cappuccinos finally kicked in and we got ready to go out we followed Frommer’s guidance and set out for a restaurant that claimed to have over 500 beers.

We sat outside and enjoyed Nuremberg sausages, potatoes, sauerkraut, and our pilsners (photo above). We were sitting directly in front of a t.v projecting the World Cup sitting around Potsdamer Platz. It was exciting even in our very jetlagged state.

BerlinCuisineedit14BerlinCuisineedit15BerlinCuisineedit12One day we stopped outside our hotel and enjoyed our first real Currywurst! Wow! We didn’t know exactly where to stop or what to do but Chris was determined we would have Currywurst. Sadly, not my favorite. I think though it was because these Brauts were boiled whereas I am more of a grilled girl but that’s just me. It was still enjoyable we had a great time drinking those beers. It was the best beer I think I had in all of Europe too. All of Europe we traveled to at least. I ate up all those potatoes quickly and it felt like a real treat before trekking to the Brandenburg Gate.

I also really love these photos Chris took of me. I may be making a weird face but hey he captured character.


BerlinCuisineedit13BerlinCuisineedit11Seriously, yum. We learned that Berliners drink Berliner Kindl Weisse a colorful pink, and/or green beer that is served in a goblet. It was delicious and my throat was so sore but I didn’t care I told myself I deserved that big ol’ pink goblet. We went to a tiny tiny bar where just the owners and us were watching the world cup that day.



We loved that place! Thanks, Frommers Day by Day books. Good recommendation ;)


We really loved breakfast in Germany too. It was so incredibly tasty. Fruhstuck it is called. Chris really loved it too. Basically big sandwiches with fresh salami and cheese and butter with hard boiled eggs. The place above we went to twice for breakfast because it was so tasty and cheap as well. I’m really proud of these photos they do the breakfast justice.


Below is a photo from Frankfurt, Germany (not Berlin). Where we enjoyed the best pasta dishes in our hostel. This is the first hostel we both had ever stayed in and it was a good experience for us at least. I highly recommend the Frankfurt Hostel if you will be in Germany any time soon. It is pasta night every night. I was in my usual pasta loving heaven and admittedly remembered that is why I picked this hostel to stay in those nights. I have to try and recreate this pasta dish below because it was so comforting after long days of traveling. We really enjoyed sitting upstairs in that little room eating that pasta, watching the world cup, and looking outside to the city.


We loved Germany and all the food there was really eclectic and tasty. I can not wait to show more pictures from our trip to Berlin!



//All photos were taken and edited by Sydney Gabel and Christopher Swain//They are not for redistribution//Edited with Abeautifulmess photo app and Photoshop CS6//




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