Food in Italy

Italy Cuisineedit4

This week is all about FOOD in Europe. :) Is your stomach rubbling yet? Because if not it will be soon.

We were in Roma so our food was a small variety of pasta, pizza, and wine. Yummy! Pasta is my favorite food in the whole world. I’m so incredibly lucky enough to have enjoyed the food here in Italy on multiple occasions.

All food in Europe has a better, more enriching taste in all honesty. Anyone that has gone to Europe knows this. The Europeans just enjoy the process of cooking and take it to heart. Especially the Italians. The day to the Italians is meant for gathering around the table with friends and family and cooking and drinking enjoying each others’ company and making a delicious meal. Italian cuisine is a treasure and should be treated as such.

Italy Cuisineedit3 That’s why when Chris and I were in Italy we were lucky enough to experience the way too eat in Italy with friends and family to share it with! We met up with Chris’s sister Jenn, her boyfriend Paul, and their friends John ( and Ashley. This was a really fun time in our European adventure because we had friends to share it with and share we did around lots of pasta.

ItalyDrinks6ItalyDrinks3Italy Cuisineedit12Italy Cuisineedit10The best food I had in Italy was the food we (and by we I mean everyone else except me who was taking photos and writing) cooked ourselves. John thought it a good idea to play Dean Martin as Paul cooked sausages, Ashley and Chris chopped up our side dishes, and Jenn, John, and I danced around the kitchen snacking. It always seems to be like the best meal comes from a home filled with music, the sound of something sizzling, and the comforting smell of a home cooked meal.

Italy Cuisineedit9But, don’t get me wrong if there’s any a time to go out to a restaurant it is in Italy. I was in paradise only eating Italian food! Chris on the other hand was pizza’d out by the time we got back to the states. We enjoyed gelato on some extra warm nights.

Italy Cuisineedit2Italy Cuisineedit6Chris really loved the gelato! It wasn’t as delicious as I remember for me though I was more on a pasta and red wine craze.


Speaking of alcohol we also loved the beer. Birra Moretti and a Peroni were the Italian Beers that you can get in the states but not as cheaply and you can’t walk around with it like we were able to in Italy! We drank beer on the Spanish Steps it was all Ashley wanted from Italy and we made it happen. After some time getting lost we were finally able to find the Spanish steps and enjoy our beers.

1545145_804992496180205_221123081156448685_n10386243_804991159513672_1926928565650184135_n20140825-205120-75080022.jpg10457911_804992352846886_3148425081725823604_nOne really cool thing about stopping to get a drink in Italy is that some places have a buffet as well. So you pay 8 Euros for one cocktail but you can also get a plate of crackers, cheese, salad, pasta from the buffet. See, the Italians want us all to eat, drink, and be merry. For an affordable price too I might add!

Italy Cuisineedit8Italy Cuisineedit1Also, uh everyone seems to love Paprika in Europe! They put it on everything especially snacks. I love it!!


20140825-203939-74379060.jpgDrinks outside the Pantheon! After a nice bike ride around Rome. Sounds like a distance dream now which it kind of is but nevertheless an amazing memory I will keep safe forever. Luckily we have this picture to remember it! We had so much fun in Italy. We are so lucky to be surrounded by positive people and love. How I feel every time I go to Italy. More pictures from Italy to come! Hope you enjoyed the foodie pictures. I know I did, now my stomach is rubbling! Woo I could really go for some gelato and red wine.

Enjoy your week!







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