Short Films!

dinnerwithHolly1(Still from the short film Dinner with Holly by Josh Crockett and Daniel Sinclair. Link Below.)

Browsing the internet looking for inspiration…(maybe those two things shouldn’t go together but oh well this is the 21st Century) I came across a few cute short films.

Sometimes I think if I watch a certain type of show often I can recreate it and get inspired from it. Which is usually the case, last week I watched an embarrassing amount of standup that had me thinking (obsessing) for two days that I was going to write a stand up and perform it at a local bar. Hey and you know what? Maybe I will. (Quite possibly another result of my filmic* identity crisis: resulting to other forms of self expression). Oh well.

Anyways, I was browsing the internet searching for inspiration through short films in order to brainstorm and find my own inspiration for my class projects in these films. No pressure, right?

I came across these few cute short films and a new website that helps eliminate the junky part of Vimeo and Youtube and just show the good films. It is called:!

Here is a funny adult comedy called Dinner With Holly by Josh Crockett and Daniel Sinclair.


and this coming of age film called Jackpot by Adam Baran.

and this short documentary style film called Crush by Rachel Antonoff and Bianca Giaever. (In case you didn’t know and were curious why everyone has a similar print on it is because Rachel the filmmaker is a fashion designer. She is also the sister to Jack Antonoff (the lead male in the film) from the band Fun. and he is Lena Dunham’s boyfriend.


I enjoyed this one not for the star power in it but because it was a cute renactment of the Antonoff parents love story. One thing I disliked was the kind of Wes Anderson-like experience the film had as well. It was good without the trying to be like Wes Anderson which I have noticed everyone is trying to do these days! It is getting old I read about it in a book called How Not To Make a Short Film. Not like I exactly know how but I know nowadays that is way overplayed.

If you want to see a good film but still trying WAY WAY WAY too hard to be like Wes Anderson watch Dunny by Phillip Van.

Here you go:



Hope you enjoyed the films. Have a great weekend!

xoxo Syd



*There’s that word I made up again. I should coin it.


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