Current Favorite Songs – Summer’s End

As my summer comes to a close I thought the “Summer’s End” title was fitting. Here are a few songs to help get us by in this back to school time!

First, wow to this song! “Stay High” By Tove Lo I heard this song’s remix from my sister. Then one night on Pandora it played the original and I was like I need this on repeat! It is very catchy and tells a little story that I awkwardly find relatable…the music video is beautiful I love this style of filming it is perfect for this song. Seriously play it and sing along!

here’s another good song by Tove Lo I was jamming too after listening to “Stay High” here’s “Over” by Tove Lo.


Katy Perry is so colorful and fun I usually love her summer songs. Like the songs of hers that become famous in the summer. Weird, but since “Teenage Dream” was released in the summer I’m like that heart eyed emoji to Katy Perry. “This is how we do” by Katy Perry is so fun and colorful just like her. My favorite line is “this goes out to all the kids buying bottle service with their rent money”.


And in case you didn’t know and you are a 90s kid…Hilary Duff is releasing an album! I loved Lizzie Mcguire anyone that knows me that I was really obsessed with her and I still love her (well, duh). So I thought I would share her new music video/ song “Chasing the Sun” by Hilary Duff. It is just an alright song to me but I am happy to see her singing.

Last but surely not the least! “All about the Bass” by Meghan Trainor. Not only has a good message in a comical and witty way but it is fun to dance to! The music video is pretty cute too ;).

Happy Summer’s End dancing and singing! xo Syd


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