London, England


London was a great big adventure. I have been craving to visit ever since I was little. It was always a dream of mine. It must have began when I started reading Harry Potter. It was pretty exciting to make the dream come true. We went Miami International to London Heathrow and we were so excited we could barely sleep on the flight! Our European adventure was just beginning. London was the first stop! Here are a few photos just from our first two days.

We did plenty of sightseeing. Our feet didn’t appreciate it too much but my camera did. :) I tried my best to preserve our memories with these photos. It was truly wonderful. The history of London is incredible. Our favorite was the White Tower of London. Where King Henry VIII spent his time and beheaded his wives. Where the traitors of the city washed up inside the moat. Along with the black plague! It is right next to the Tower Bridge commonly miscalled ‘London Bridge’ it is actually the Tower Bridge there are other London Bridges down the River Thames. More photos from the Tower to come!

Another love of London was Big Ben. Another common mistake it is actually named Elizabeth Tower (after Queen Elizabeth) Big Ben is actually the bell inside the tower. On Instagram I posted a photo of the Tower and said if I could hug a monument it would be that one. Which is true it is the only way I can really describe the experience of being next to it. It was quite peaceful.

We visited Buckingham Palace too on our first day of sightseeing. As seen in the photo below. I was a little disappointed however that the Queen’s guards weren’t in front of the gate anymore close to the public. I wanted to take a selfie with them! Instead we settled for a regular Buckingham Palace selfie. ;-) It will have to do.



We saw the Horse Calvary too so that was close enough I could get to the Queen’s guards. I took this photo above of Chris in front of a cathedral close to our Bed and Breakfast. It was dark and beautiful!

Below is a few photos of Trafalgar Square! Where the national gallery is located. I admittedly wanted to go visit Trafalgar Square because I knew that is where the last Harry Potter film had the premiere. ;) See I am a big fan.


SydTS_2380 Trafalga Squarecreativecultureblogsydneygabel_2368Castle_2487 StreetsofLondoncreativecultureblogsydneygabel_2318SelfieTowerBridge_2501 Limegrovewindowcreativecultureblogsydneygabel_2288

I crammed a few Westminster Abbey photos as well in this bunch. Along with photos of our street where our Bed and Breakfast was located. More on that later!

Below is a photo of Tower Bridge with those pretty red flowers.


TowerBridgeroses_2482 WestminsterAbbey2creativecultureblogsydneygabel_2236 TS3_2378WelcometoWestminsterAbbey_2228 WAview_2246 WarwickwaystreditChrisTS_2382IMGcreativecultureblogsydneygabel_2167ChrisTowerBridge_2497ChrisphotoinWestminster_2245

Lots more photos to come! You’ve been warned. Enjoy! xoxo Syd


||Photos were taken and edited by Sydney Gabel and Christopher Swain||They are protected under copyright not for redistribution||







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