The Fab Four – Summer Loving

Welcome to this month’s segment of the Fab Four. I thought it would be a good idea to follow up with another post about this month’s Fab Four –Film, Fashion, Food, and Fun! After last month’s posting — here –

First, right now Chris and I are hooked on Tru Blood. Unfortunately we are only on season three even though the rest of the world is enjoying the last season, season seven on HBO right now! Congrats on seven seasons the show is very juicy to say the least. Check out this art print I found on Pinterest from :
Film #thefabfour

Next up: Fashion. I absolutely love Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman of ‘sister style’ posts. This is their most recent one showcasing their new Bonlook eyeglasses! Love the outfits, glasses, background, and just in general sisterly love.

These popsicles look so delicious. They need to be devoured in this summer heat. They are green tea flavored, how refreshing.
Recipe is here at

and lastly this cute idea for an intimate washroom!

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer! :) xoxo Syd


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