“A Beautiful Mess” Photo Challenge

My absolute favorite blog, A Beautiful Mess, posted a photo challenge a month ago. The photo challenge just required to take Iphone photos and edit them with their app! The prize: An Ipad Air and a Canon Printer. The winner has yet to be announced but I thought I would share a few of my ABM photos. :) Thanks guys! xoxo Syd #creativecultureblog

ABMphotochallengeJSE 10175305_719549018107860_1324791007_n 10296878_1407037046245982_1994100836_n 10349663_875964105752027_1523777097_n 10326447_320618411425244_1763054305_n 10311028_1419740554968944_1751087397_n 10362260_1477910652445585_1830335742_n 927966_1409973875955030_1866955576_n 10413257_730713910319498_1122091290_n 10349717_302615406563311_1240985792_n


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